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October 2, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Buy Low(er)

Lo, the prophecy of falling real-estate prices hath finally come to pass. But this need not be the onset of the end-times. A guide to finding the best deals, neighborhood by neighborhood, apartment by apartment, as the Age of the Buyer’s Market dawns.
Seven Habits of a Bargain Hunter
A Doomsday Economist Weighs In


Dreaming of Obama

Barack Obama could be the first post-baby-boom, post-ideology, post-race president. There are plenty of people who think he could be the first post-W. president, too, even though most of them don’t know a thing about him.

Who Owns New York?

The Yankees and Mets play with completely different attitudes—the Bombers beset by fragility and conflict, the Mets by irrepressibility and goofiness. They’re both division champs. If there’s a Subway Series, could team spirit be the decisive factor?


Go-Go Pirro Gathers GOP Bucks

Can all that dough give her a chance against Cuomo?

Internal Investigation Rocks ‘Runway’

Competition all sewn up.

Baby Bust at Bloomberg?

Company called unmaternal.

RZA’s New Muse: Russell Crowe

Gladiator’s gentle wisdom.

Do Socialites Fund Terrorism?

Antiquities cop on the beat.

Live From New York!

Manhattan remained the world’s capital of geopolitical stand-up.

Runway Mommy

The last New Yorker standing on Project Runway is also the show’s token real adult.

Busting Mary Poppins

Spying on the babysitter has never been easier.

Hot for Teacher

College students rate him the most comely professor in town.

United Nations Star Map

Manhattan played host to the world’s most powerful tourists last week, and there weren’t enough presidential suites to go around.


Best Bets

A winter special on flights to a place where it’s still summer, freshly mixed perfume …

You, Again

Getting back together with a bit of Google stalking.

Look Book

A former Miss Teen USA on the unimportance of wearing clothes that match.

Restaurant Review

Fresh-ingredient fetishizing done right at the Tasting Room.

In Season

A black-mint granité recipe from an A Voce pastry chef.

Insatiable Critic Gael Greene

Will a younger crowd be drawn to Picholine, as chef-owner Terrance Brennan hopes?

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of October 2, 2006: Porter House New York, STK, Fika. Plus, chocolate tortilla chips.

Make Gno Mistake

A guide to gnocchi and its siblings.

Aw, Shucks

The months-with-an-R rule is obsolete, but now that autumn’s here, so are the oyster festivals.

100 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

At the Smith & Wollensky Group’s biannual Wine Week, a $10 surcharge buys you ten generous samples from a rotating roster.


A runway wrap-up of the spring trends that sprang from the collective fashion unconscious.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Dave Ortiz of Dave’s Quality Meat.

Shop News

Petrou Opens on Madison Avenue.

The Culture Pages

Educating Cynthia

After Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon is happy just to be the discerning theatergoer’s favorite actress again.

Movie Review

Stephen Frears and Helen Mirren combine their powers for a fantastic movie about Queen Elizabeth II.

Lust in His Heart

John Cameron Mitchell on his fun, uplifting hard-core sex movie.

Ex-Punk Kid: Dito Montiel

A staple of New York’s eighties punk scene, Dito Montiel has turned his memoir, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, into a movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Rosario Dawson.

Is This Book Worth Getting?

Which new releases are worth plucking from the bookstore shelf.

Emporio Armani

SNL does Chris Parnell wrong.

Art Review

Nature photography with a subtext of miserable pessimism.

Take a Walk on the (Not so) Wild Lower East Side

An art-lover’s tour.

Classical Review

Hit-and-miss contemporary twists on one of Handel’s best works.

TV Review

Michael C. Hall smartly underplays a role as a maniacal serial killer in Dexter.

Chris Parnell: An Appreciation

Eyes on the Prize

A glorious six-hour account of the civil-rights movement.

Six Degrees

However much executive producer J. J. (Lost) Abrams is actually involved in this tedious series of interlocking melodramas, it’s still not enough to make us care.

Ugly Betty

Don’t miss executive producer Salma Hayek’s hilarious guest appearance in the pilot, as a sexy maid in a Spanish-language telenovela.


At least once a week all of us will get to go home with the spectacular Rosemarie DeWitt.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Imperial City

Everyone has apocalypse fever: liberals and conservatives, ministers and scientists, sober scholars and zoned-out hallucinogen enthusiasts. Is that some sort of sign?

The Week

Uptown Arts

Our picks from the October lineup at Makor, the 92nd Street Y’s performing-arts center on the West Side.

Girl Power

Promising fare from the Seventh Annual Estrogenius Festival, a monthlong celebration of women’s creativity.

New York’s Finest

Local bands of the moment come home.

Gimme Three Steps

The best of City Center's $10-for-everything, world-class Fall for Dance festival.

Three Cheers for the Red, Pink, and Blue

The Doodlebops go on the record.

An Hour in Soho

Two up-and-coming artists and one of-the-moment director.


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