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October 23, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Al and Jeanine Pirro, if you can imagine, were once known as a loving couple helping each other to the top. These days, the Republican candidate for attorney general and her real-estate-mogul husband barely talk even though they spend their days floors apart in the same office building. But however paranoid, passive-aggressive, and generally dysfunctional, theirs is still a love story of sorts.


The East Hampton Chain-Saw Incident

The Hamptons aren’t the only place where blue-collar Americans are getting squeezed by the information economy on one side and immigrant labor on the other. But rarely does so much new money flood into a community with so few old-timers left to hold their ground. Which begins to explain why a white 16-year-old “Bonacker” started spouting Nazi rhetoric before turning on a chain saw and swinging it at the face of a Latino classmate.

How to Win a War

In which one academic discovers video games—and the pleasures of escaping ruminations about Iraq, Iran, and North Korea by reliving the last war we actually had a fighting chance to win.


Righties Worry Rupe’s Gone Soft

Media baron to be pestered at annual meeting.

Market Rate for Mighty Mira

Kicked out of her rental.

Super Mario Helps His Boy

Spitzer now likes Andy.

Weirdo Pretends to Be NYT Paparazzo

Keeps showing up.

Matchmaker Resorts to

Catch her a catch!

Temps Perdu

Last week triggered an overwhelming number of memories.

Flight of the Bumbleboys

Lessons of the Lidle tragedy.

Taking the Fifth

Can clubland survive without bottle service?

Rachel Rolls With It

The 30 Rock co-star on her so-called demotion, and what she tells her parents.

Weighty Matters

Botero’s chubby Guernica hits New York.


Best Bets

The stretch of a Connecticut river where the fish are jumpin’, and how to outfit yourself for catching them.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Alex Cox of Rocketship.

Shop News

Tribeca Medspa Opens on Hudson Street.

Look Book

Lip-gloss advice from Patti LaBelle’s stylist.

Restaurant Review

Dainty Italian done right at Centovino.

In Season

A Craft chef's apple confit cake.

Monsieur Baguette

Thoughts from a visiting professor of bread.

Winter Travel 2006

Twenty-nine winter vacation spots for getaway compulsions ranging from skiing to sunbathing.
Fantasy Trips
Winter Breaks
Long Weekends
One- to Two- Night Trips
The Eastern Seaboard by Train
What to Fly With (and Without)

The Culture Pages

Smarty Pants

Project Runway, the labor-intensive, high-stakes meritocracy that all New Yorkers wish their lives resembled.

Dark and Lovely

Christian Bale, still wielding his leading man’s jaw with the subtlety of a character actor.

Trailer Mix

Our reviews of this week’s previews.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: A Documentary Index

Over the next few weeks, films based on true stories will dominate theaters, from Marie Antoinette to Flags of Our Fathers. But don’t miss these actual true stories.

Theater Review

A George Bernard Shaw revival that won’t please everyone but should.

Everything Is Beautiful on the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

Theater buzz and backlash report.

Book Review

A compellingly self-critical trip through the mind of intellectual wild card.

What’s in a Name?

Writers talk about what they almost called their books.

Beck on a Stick

Beck on the art and science of puppet design.

Clarification: Spiritual Screamer or Bite-Size Cookies?

The difference between Amy Lee, Amos Lee, Tori Amos, and Famous Amos.

Art Review

An energetic exhibit of Tropicália in the Bronx.

Show and Tell: Making Art Out of Making Art

Photographer Jason Schmidt makes an art of artists at work.

Classical Music Review

A triumph for Jonathan Miller, the Terrell Owens of the opera world.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Power Grid

It looks as though aimless wandering might just work out for the Democrats. But there’s still time to screw it up!

The Week

Take a Bite

Picks from the semi-annual Emerging Artists Theatre’s EATfest, a showcase for new work from up-and-coming playwrights.

Mi Teatro Es Su Teatro

Latin theater branches out.


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