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November 27, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Holiday Gift Guide

Our annual guide to eliciting sincere thank-you notes, including a rainbow cornucopia of stuffings for a stocking to remember, a variety of inspired presents for everyone on your list, where to find the greatest bounty of gifts within confined geographical areas like Smith Street in Brooklyn and the Time Warner Center, what shop clerks are buying from their own stores, how to outsource everything from gift-wrapping to in-law-accommodating, and the best food to give away and then take “a little bite” of.

The Complete Holiday Gift Guide


The Five-Year Forecast

Tropical winters, out-of-nowhere blizzards, temperature stock markets, relocated Floridian wildlife, 125-foot retractable walls in the middle of the bay, and other likely consequences (really!) of the current weather weirdness.

Party Boy in a Cage

Though he’s older and more sober these days, club kid turned killer Michael Alig remains charismatic, unpredictable, and untrustworthy—a cell-block performance artist.

The Swarm of the Super-Applicants

We rounded up ten of the area’s most absurdly overqualified, SAT-acing, team-captaining, soup-kitchen-launching college applicants—then brought in an expert to tell us why even they aren’t sure shots in the Age of the Admissions Industry.


Spitzer-Lovin’ Lobbyists Head to Albany

Eliot’s friends and admirers movin’ upstate.

‘Bullying’ Rush OK With Fox

Helped stems, Dems.

Swank Pad, Lowe, Lowe Price

Onetime love nest sold.

Did Snakes on a Plane Bite Borat?

Hit plays crappy theater.

No Cartmans Allowed at Dalton

"Comedy” leads to assembly.

Action Heroes

It was a week of high adventure as our Indiana Jones-like ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani formed an exploratory committee for a presidential run.

Joachim’s Temptation

Upper West Side Baptists pray for real-estate guidance while façade-worshipping neighbors fret.

Giuliani’s Endless Campaign

Is he serious about the White House? Or is this just an exercise in branding?

Zabar’s Bad Year in Provence

Provençal natives condemn Eli Zabar as a force for Disneyfication. He pleads the Napoleonic Code.

Parade Runner

Ex–elf wrangler keeps the Macy’s balloons flying high.


Look Book

John Waters, caught on the subway.

Underground Gourmet Review

Two appealingly inventive locations to stuff down oysters and other seafood delights.

In Season

Hearth chef Marco Canora’s Japanese-sweet-potato gratin.

Schlag Is Optional

Alps, Shmalps. You don’t need to book a flight to tuck into the mountain cooking of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and northern Italy.

Eats 50th

A spate of recent openings gives this midtown corridor some multicultural flair.

Real Estate

Sometimes a new building is a little too new.

A Double for Abreu

Like his boss George Steinbrenner, Bobby Abreu isn’t afraid to go a little overboard on the spending if it means getting what he wants.

The Price of Luxury

These new condos a block apart in the East Village are comparably sized and finished, and are both on the third floor. How to explain the nearly $70,000 price difference?

The Culture Pages

The Approval Matrix: November 27, 2006

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

Pi in the Sky

The epic saga of Darren Aronofsky, Brad Pitt, and the movie that was, then wasn’t, then was again.

The Movie Review

A model stage-to-screen adaptation of The History Boys.

Clarification: World War II Spy Movie or Sainted Bohemian?

The difference between The Good German and The Good Witch.

The Theater Review

Misplaced cynicism in Mary Poppins, misplaced earnestness in Les Mis, and a Hollywood satire that strikes the right balance.

Overheard: What the Audience Really Thought About Grey Gardens

Five theatergoers rate their experience.

The Pop Review

Why Barry Manilow deserves your love.

The Art Review

Hilariously misanthropic Germans drip venom all over the Met.

Influences: John Currin

Artist John Currin discusses his influences.

The Classical Review

Yes, the Met is overhyping its new Il Barbiere di Siviglia. But the production has energy to spare—so who’s arguing?


The Bottom Line

Forget about the activists; Wal-Mart’s doing a good job destroying itself on its own.

The Week

Sugarplums Everywhere!

Here come the Nutcrackers, in endless variety.

True West

The best commissions from Vital Theatre Company’s New Works Festival, which called for plays set on the Upper West Side.

An Amazing Race

Head to Grand Central, pilgrim.


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