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December 18, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

The Year in Culture

Our staff reviews the developments in film, music, theater, literature, art, and television that offer hope that Western civilization hasn’t yet gone completely to seed (and a few signs that it has). Plus: A comprehensive 2006 mega “Approval Matrix” and the inside scoop on which culture-industry players made the most of the past twelve months.


The Penitent

No one is more upset about the Alan Hevesi chauffeur scandal than Alan Hevesi. But just because he spends most nights morosely fixating on his troubles doesn’t mean he’s going to accept whatever punishment his former friend Eliot Spitzer decides to dish out. And he’s got a better chance of keeping his job than most people think.

The Genius Collector

With her ambition and (perhaps dwindling) fortune, publisher Louise MacBain has no trouble gathering the world’s best minds around her. Yet are they drawing inspiration from her cryptic futurism— or just humoring the rich lady who treats them like rock stars?


Obama Allure Tempts Team Hillary

Her black operatives are eyeing the other guy.

Giant of Literature

Tight end writes novel, pays bills.

U.N. Cowboy Flack Rides Into the Sunset

Bolts with Bolton.

Harlem in the Seventies in the W. Twenties

“It’s not a theme restaurant.”

Dueling Ateliers Confuse Midtown Diners

Three-star identity crisis.

It Happened Last Week

As the number of shopping days till Christmas dwindled, last week was seven days full of surprising figures.

Coney Island Kinder

Lou Reed revives one of his most depressing records ever. Because why can’t rock and roll bum you out?

The Panther’s Roar

A new black-power group with an old name.

Say Uncle

Meet Giorgio Armani’s niece, who once wanted to be an actress and now handles VIPs for the family business.

The Preschooler Glut

Rabidly breeding Brooklyn parents faced with booked-up preschools.


Best Bets

A super-cozy comforter and other sources of relief for sick days when you’re actually sick.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Lisa Maher of Kid O.

Shop News

SEE opens on Bleecker Street.

Look Book

A Bay Ridge high schooler with an unlikely fashion icon: her mother.

The Restaurant Review

Kyotofu offers soy desserts even meat-eaters could love.

In Season

A tatsoi-salad recipe from a Chestnut chef.

Burger Madness

Cold-season alternatives to Shake Shack.

Have Dinner With an Old Flame

Splashy décor is nice, but a restaurant with a working fireplace is hard to beat.

Switch to Fish

Three new sushi bars swim into town.

Map: Prospect Heights

From Flatbush Avenue's invading chain stores to Eastern Parkway's beautifully renovated civic institutions.


An enlightening cross-cultural encounter with a Japanese toilet.

Real Estate

Are megabrokerages getting too big for their big-name clients?


The Movie Review

Homeless for the holidays in Will Smith’s feverish Pursuit of Happyness. Plus: Dreamgirls and Mel.


The Imperial City

How does one go over the head of the ostrich-in-chief? The Iraq Study Group better figure out quick.

The Week

If It's Not Baroque...

It’s that time of year when Johann Sebastian and friends overwhelm the schedule. Our best picks from the seventeenth-century bunch.

Youthful Idealism

You may just catch the next big thing (okay, fine, and Paul Rudd) at an evening of one-acts by young members of Our Time Theatre Company, a nonprofit program for artistically inclined teens who stutter.

I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

Annie star thinks about tomorrow, and sleep.


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