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February 19, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

How Not to Talk to Your Kids

According to the latest science, many parents are killing their kids’ classroom performance with kindness. But constantly praising one’s children isn’t the easiest bad habit to break.



The Short, Drunken Life of Club Row

The details of this month’s elevator-shaft tragedy on West 27th Street were shocking—except for its location. How clever entrepreneurship gone awry produced the most notorious New York City block of the young century.

Could Union Square Be Your Next Airport?

One design firm’s intriguingly clever idea for solving the air-transit crunch with (mostly) existing resources.

Freedom to Backstab

The war on terror has given the ACLU worthy crusades and the outrage-inspired donations with which to fund them. Unfortunately, the group’s leadership is busy trading accusations of dishonesty, caving to the Patriot Act, repressing internal dissent, and more.


Mdm. Speaker’s Mayor Money

Anti-Stuy-buy pol gets Stuy guy’s loot.

‘Lost’ Starlet, Samaritan

“Fonda-type shit.”

South vs. East Hampton Rumble

Press to flatten Star?

Orbach’s Eye-Opening Resurrection

Beloved star in eerie ads.

PETA Snaps at Times Square Gators

Cold reception for flamingos.

It Happened Last Week

As Valentine’s Day approached, an otherwise frigid week steamed with passion. Unlike her waffling-on-’08 sweetie, Judi Giuliani had no problem declaring—her affection for her snuggle bug, that is.

Albany Smackdown Scorecards

Rating state pols’ topsy-turvy, kicking-and-screaming, utterly maddening week.

The Doggie-Doom Disparity

An animal-euthanasia-free NYC is further off than promised. Let the growling begin.

Your Cheating Heart

Tales of Valentine’s Day infidelity—and tips for pulling it off—from a lingerie salesgirl, florist, chocolatier, diamond salesman, and private eye.

Boy-Band Bust

’N Sync boss makes $317 million go bye bye bye.


The Everything Guide to Chinatown

Where to eat, shop, live, and sing exuberantly in Chinatown.

Best Bets

A curvy hot-pink chair and other neon neatness.

Dance Workouts: A Brief History

Dance-based exercise regimens, which have twirled in and out for decades, are back in style. A look at how the original low-impact craze has come full circle.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Look Book

An executive assistant– slash–hair model.

Restaurant Review

Varietal might be eye-rollingly pretentious, but the quality of the cooking can’t be denied.

In Season

An orecchiette-with-horseradish-and-Parmesan recipe from a Frankies Spuntino chef.

The Swine List

The Year of the Pig begins on the 18th, and the New Year’s bash lasts for fifteen days—providing plenty of excuses for overindulging.

The Culture Pages

Hopeful Romantic

Drew Barrymore, defending old-fashioned romance one meet-cute at a time.

How to Make a Good Romantic Comedy by Drew Barrymore

'Music & Lyrics' actress defends old-fashioned romance.

The Book Review

An engrossing bio of Pistol Pete Maravich, inventor of showoff basketball as an art form (and really, really crazy guy).


Citizen reviewers give thumbs up to Lily Allen, thumbs down to the Shins, and mixed thumbs to others.

The Movie Review

An intriguing postcolonial twist on the WWII genre.

The DVD Filter

New on DVD this week: Performance, Marie Antoinette, The Departed, Infernal Affairs Trilogy, Half Nelson, Infamous, The Bicycle Thieves. Our Pick: Paul Robeson: Portraits of the Artist.

Disappearing Act

Catching up with the pieces of cityscape that were Gordon Matta-Clark’s best subjects.

The Theater Review

Stagings of two famously anti-Semitic plays successfully navigate that treacherous territory.

Male Ingenue: Hugh Dancy

Blame it on his smooth-cheeked looks and his role as Prince Charmont in Ella Enchanted: Hugh Dancy keeps getting pegged as the Next Big British Boy Toy.

The Approval Matrix: Week of February 19, 2007

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Power Grid

Is Mitt Romney the toothsome, carpetbagging phony he appears to be? Yeah, probably.

The Week

Theater for Eaters

Food for Thought Productions kicks off its spring season with three shows, one preceded by cocktails and two by lunch.

Two for One

At this week’s best concerts, the reason to listen is twofold: a stellar ensemble and an equally extraordinary soloist.

Getting a Bounce

Harlem Globetrotters, back on the rise.


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