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June 18, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

Best Doctors 2007

Our annual roundup of the New York area’s best doctors, from primary-care physicians to psychiatrists to pediatric gastroenterologists, as selected by their peers. Plus: Doctors and nurses polled about the best and worst parts of their jobs, and a roundtable of anonymous M.D.’s tell all: traits of their favorite patients (tasteful gift-giving), the biggest mistakes they’ve ever made (dropping a baby, for example), and more.


What Does Tina Brown Have to Do to Get Some Attention?

Tina Brown is credited with helping spawn the celebrity-obsessed tabloid, but also for strengthening The New Yorker’s hold on intellectual-journalistic supremacy. Will her new book about Princess Di persuade the public to join her once again at the convergence of highbrow and low?

Greener Postures

Debating the environmental and aesthetic benefits of Ziploc bag–dryers, hand-cranked washing machines, and other manifestations of eco-consumerism.


Dream Team ’08: Bill & Hill & Bill

Richardson favored for veep.

Sometimes Lance Just Lives Too Strong

Girlfriend Tory Burch says she won't get in the saddle.

Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant

Filmmaker Abel Ferrara and Scott Pardo quarrel over film credit.

Running Dogs of the Upper East Side

Controversial size census.

Lucky Karp Lands Two Best Sellers

Ten more to go.

It Happened Last Week

With public enemy no. 1, Paris Hilton, temporarily behind bars, the city turned its attention to more-mundane threats.

Plot Twists

If we’re not afraid, have the terrorists won? An assessment of past terror threats.

Nudie Picks

Ryan McGinley loads up his EuroVan with naked youth and heads to California.

Hi Ho, Silverman!

Donald Trump, Freaks and Geeks, complicated handshakes on the horizon.


The Bottom Line

Rupert Murdoch has known how to save The Wall Street Journal for a long time.


Best Bets

Thoughtful swim trunks and other Father’s Day gifts.

Shop News

New store openings this week.

The Power of Three

A trio of luxury brands is coming to a neighborhood better known for bargains and stereos.

Look Book

An age-appropriately hip Williamsburgian.

Restaurant Review

A dull addition to the Time Warner Center.

In Season Recipe

Spaghetti with strawberries.

Great Room

Preparing a kitchen for dinner-party duty.

Tune In, Turn On, Take a Shower

The appeal of neo-hippies.

Real Estate

Mansions galore in Greenwich.

A Greenwich Observatory

Where are the old-money mansions? The new McEstates? The bargain deals (relatively speaking)? The taxonomy of a prime suburb.


The Minister of Information

Edward Tufte and the triumph of good design over evil.

The Movie Review

A so-so Edith Piaf biopic; a great portrayal of domesticated zombies.

NYScreen: Gorgeous Shots of Troubled Times

How do you make a documentary look striking enough that it commands the viewer’s attention—without putting a too-slick gloss on a rough subject?

Medicine Man: Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s personal Rx.

The Theater Review

Plays from A. R. Gurney and Neil LaBute disappoint in the usual ways.

What Opens in Vegas Closes in Vegas

Six reasons Broadway isn’t boffo in Sin City.

Lost in Un-Translation

What are the world’s best untranslated novels?

The TV Review

A decent premise goes nowhere original in Meadowlands.

Watch This Instead

It isn’t absolutely necessary to hide out all summer from your enemies, or abuse a guitar, or undergo major surgery. You can disappear with these TV shows.

The Art Review

Finding thoughtfulness beneath Richard Serra’s bombast.

Beyond Serra

A critic’s five favorite public artworks, all on view for free.

The Approval Matrix: Week of June 18, 2007

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

The Week

Out of Many, One

Summer means group shows, and these are the week’s standouts.

Bard College

Annotated Shakespeare for tots.

The Magnificent Three

A retiring ballerina, a tap superstar, and a beloved company give sure-to-sell-out-early performances.

Deep Thoughts

Highlights from the Brick Theater’s Pretentious Festival, a good-natured send-up of oblique and experimental Off–Off Broadway fare.

I Can’t Believe It’s Still Yogurt!

Like the last wave a few decades ago, the second frozen-yogurt craze comes to us via the West Coast and shows no sign of ebbing.

Happy Steakhouse Day

Is Dad a meat-and-potatoes guy? Take him here on Father’s Day, June 17.


June 18, 2007

Readers sound off on Jim Cramer, Tom Ford, and more.

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