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April 21, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

Is John McCain Bob Dole?

Or is he Dwight Eisenhower? And are we talking about 2000 John McCain or 2008 John McCain? And is he running against Barack or Hillary? Mapping out McCain’s strategy with the people who’ll be helping him craft it.


The Emir of NYU

NYU president John Sexton has been promised a blank check to duplicate his university on a desert island in Abu Dhabi. The expansion will leave both campuses flush with petrodollars. But to many faculty, the deal amounts to a sellout.

The Feminist Reawakening

Even if Hillary’s campaign ends soon, it will leave a legacy—consciousness-raised women rediscovering the benefits of sisterhood.


Our deep, detailed, semi-annual contemplation of the New York apartment market: a townhouse radically transformed from cramped stereotype to soothing retreat; using sex to sell apartments; what $100,000 invested various ways in 1998 would yield you now in various neighborhoods; a last look before Brooke Astor’s apartment goes on the market; four ideas of what to do with a uniquely airy downtown lot; playing the suburb match game.


Everybody Loves Gehry!

Or so he thinks. Protesters? They always see the light!

Les Enfants Verts Finally Have a Home

Preschool for Whole Foodies.

Mom’s So Vain Kids Need Embarrassing

A Carly Simon parenting tip.

Around the World With the Whitney?

Just for a project, partner.

Philip Glass’s China Policy

He just says no.

It Happened Last Week

In a week filled with lost causes, none was sadder than the fizzling of the congestion-pricing crusade.

Pollster Poll

We polled 100 New Yorkers about Hillary, the race, and her Penn-tested campaign messages.

If We Can’t Be London…

Après congestion pricing, traffic types fixate on Paris.

Medium-Security Seder

Next year in Otisville! (Unless you’re paroled.)


All the Governor’s Men

Aides like Darren Dopp would have walked through fire for Eliot Spitzer. And in a sense, Dopp has.


Scratch the Surface

St. Marks Place, minus the tacky.

Dump Your Junk

Where to jettison laptops, cell phones, and iPods without polluting the waste stream.

The Look Book

The Mary J. Blige–Jay-Z concert brought out big boots, fat chains, and amazing hoodie-and-hat combos.

The Restaurant Review

Our chief critic gives David Chang’s much anticipated new eatery a rare four stars.

In Season

The Passover abstention from flour need not be so abstemious, as demonstrated in these cookies.

Insatiable Critic

La Rural, an Argentine bistro, looks a lot like its predecessor, Pampa.

Restaurant Opening

Week of April 21, 2008: Cho Cho San Japanese Restaurant.

Underground Gourmet

Imagine the shivers we got upon learning of Smith’s new Sunday Grilled Cheese Night.

A Nice Loire Red, Shaken or Stirred?

Sometimes the only thing standing between a hopeful applicant and a full bar is a community board.

Battle of the Gourmet Dog Biscuits

When Batch opened last month, foie gras–flavored dog biscuits were displayed front and center.


Harm Reduction

Harmony Korine, the lost bad boy of indie cinema, finds redemption in nuns falling from the sky.

The Movie Review

Is Morgan Spurlock’s Osama-hunting film primarily an ego trip? Plus: Ellen Page’s post-Juno outing.

On Deck: Indie Hits and Rarities

New independent DVD releases: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Juno, and more.

Nine to Watch

Simplifying Tribeca.

See Something, Say Something: NYC Condoms

Is the new look of NYC condoms sexy enough? Six design experts gave mixed reviews.

The Conversation

Laurence Fishburne is letting Thurgood speak for itself.

The Theater Review

On a newly experimental Broadway, the naïvely optimistic South Pacific harks back to a different age.

Weight Watchers: Reality Diet Shows

Bathing-suit season is fast approaching, so what’s a couch potato to do? Watch more TV, of course!

The Book Review

Two surprise best sellers may herald a young-adult revolution.

Wikipedia Watch

Can you match Nicholson Baker and other writers to their Wiki bios?

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


Green Top Ten

Here are some of the places to make crafts, learn green tips, and dance, all for the love of the globe.


Comments: April 21, 2008

Readers sound off on the New York Canon, Isiah Thomas's Knicks, and more.

Artifact: The Last of Its Kind

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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