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June 2, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

The What You Are Afraid Of

On, anonymous Brooklynites unleash dubiously punctuated dispatches of anxiety and anger. Haunting the site is a commenter named “The What”—a mysterious bogeyman whose prophecies of doom for the New Brooklyn hysterically embody the gentrifiers’ deepest fears.


The Autism Rights Movement

A new wave of activists wants to celebrate atypical brain function as a positive identity, not a disability. Opponents call them dangerously deluded.

The 25th Hour of Florent Morellet

As his legendary 24-hour French diner closes for the first time, it is being mourned as the sad passing of an era. But Morellet regrets nothing.


The Catch

Both McCain and Obama are looking at Mayor Bloomberg for V.P. because he’s rich, Jewish, and with a head for business. What’s not to like?


Vogue Ranger Is a Hardworking Intern

He’ll even get coffee, if only someone would ask.

Overstuffed Schools May Get Busted

Parents hate plan to relocate.

Sad Conan Preemptively Nostalgic

Heeeere’s Burbank!

Agyness Deyn Nabs Speaking Role


Olivia Palermo Has Found Salvation

Such bargains!

Top Chef Tastes Worldwide Throwdown

Come and get it.

It Happened Last Week

Gas prices remained astronomical, and American Airlines debuted a $15-per-suitcase surcharge.

The Sex Tour Guides

Carrie fan? These girls want to show you around.

Rupert Watch

The unstrenuous job of overseeing the Wall Street Journal’s editorial integrity.

Tower of Rabble

An elegy for the city’s folk-art monumentalism.

California Bliss

Why an L.A. same-sex marriage will matter in New York.


The Everything Guide to Flowers

A stem-by-stem look at the city’s floral bounty.

The Look Book

"On the question of style tips, I would say, first of all, don’t be afraid..."

Get Invited Back

Summer is nigh. Stock up on house gifts that demonstrate what a thoughtful, useful guest you are.

The Abridged Story of Distressed Denim

Artfully frayed jeans have long outpriced their intact brethren.

The Restaurant Review

At Bar Milano, traditional Northern Italian meets modern New York chic.

Restaurant Openings

Week of June 2, 2008: Kafana and Sheridan Square.


Momofuku alum Youngsun Lee has launched Persimmon.

Spanish Sipping

If you’ve never thought much about Spanish wine, now might be the time to start.


Julia and Clive, on Grove Street

This summer, New York is Movie Town! A photographic essay of one spy-film shoot.

The Movie Review

Sex and the City is the finale the show should’ve had. Indy, on the other hand...

The Undulating Curve Takes Fandango Off Speed Dial!

Sometimes movie reputations are backlashed before the audience has made it through the previews.

The Classical Music Review

Peter Lieberson’s Neruda Songs, written for his late wife to sing, finds a new interpreter.

The Book Review

Robert Olen Butler trawls the outer limits (Nixon, Santa Claus) of erotic imagination.

A Warming Trend

Book-jacket designers all scream for you-know-what.

And the Song of the Summer
Will Be...

The one about taking a knife to the heart. You heard us.

The Art Review

Does a Warhol look different when it’s hanging above someone’s TV set? Ask Louise Lawler.

The Theater Review

Conor McPherson’s ode to frustration.

The Approval Matrix: Week of June 2, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


Wee Wonk Fest

Fun science and a robotic dinosaur.


Comments: June 2, 2008

Readers sound off on infidelity, the occupational hazards of subway trackworkers, and more.

Artifact: The Wall Street Globetrotters

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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