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October 27, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

The Manic-Depressive Economy

Kurt Andersen on this very strange moment in a city transfixed by numbers—market numbers, poll numbers—watching anxiously as history takes an abrupt turn. Vanessa Grigoriadis on the fall of the mighty i-banker, an archetype that once ruled the city but is now lucky to have a job. Jeff Coplon on the empty cab as economic indicator. And James Atlas on the thrill of the agony of living in interesting times.
On the Cover: Photograph: Baoba Images/Getty Images.


The Day Punk Died

Thirty years ago this month, the death of Nancy (of Sid &) effectively ended New York’s early punk scene. It’s been easy to hate her since—maybe too easy.

The Professional

Howard Wolfson once bled Clinton blue. So what is he doing spinning for Obama on America’s reddest TV network?


Will Uncle Sam Bail Out Empire State?

Guv wants to see the love from Washington.

Debate Night on Skid Row

Knick checks it out.

Anti-Bloomie Lawyer Did Giuliani Time

Who is Mastro’s master?

Downward-Facing Dow? Namaste Cool!

Simmons’s recession mantra.

Scholars Seek to Clear the Ayers

No apology necessary.

Irish Investor Is Feeling Lucky

A Manhattan transfer?

It Happened Last Week

The candidates for president met on Long Island for a Charlie Rose–style debate.

Paulson’s Nationalistas

Who did Hank Paulson hire to run the nationalized financial system?

Cruising for More Bruising

Wall Street boxers prepare for a rematch. Will anyone show up?

Late Fee

Could Kim’s unrivaled video collection end up in Connecticut?

Best of Times

Columnist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman on his swagger and his life after the Bush administration.


The Right’s Class War

Can the eggheads and the Joe Six-Packs of the Republican Party get along?


The Best Bet

Every year, the bowl by the door holds the same predictable assortment.

Scary Cheap

Evin Cosby picks fright-night accessories for under $30.

Bargain of the Week

Plaid Flannel Shirt: $29.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Chung Pai of Landmark Vintage Bicycles, 136 E. 3rd St., nr. Ave. A; 212-674-2343.

The Look Book

"I find a way to make everybody like one another."

My Place or Yours?

Two distinctly different ways to love Hunters Point, Queens.

The Restaurant Review

Apiary offers high-quality cooking at prices that are right for the times.

In Season

Pacific saury is big in Japan—especially in autumn.

Japanese Candy

A sweets-lover’s guide to the yummy universe of Far Eastern treats.

Buying From the Glut

New condos by the hundreds are going unsold. Should you stand clear—or dive in?


Updike and the Women

The Witches, The Widows, and the ambiguous bliss of misogyny.

Chanel in a Shell

Zaha Hadid’s mobile museum.

The Annotated Artwork: ‘Pulse Park’

How to make the beating heart of New York visible.

The TV Review

My Own Worst Enemy makes the most of its erratic star, but Eleventh Hour sadly wastes its own.

The Theater Review

A homespun Katie Holmes is the best thing about this bombastic All My Sons revival.

David Mamet, As Seen on TV

How do you top Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum?

The Movie Review

Charlie Kaufman’s death-obsessed ramble, Synecdoche, New York.

Dossier: Noah Emmerich

What you need to know about Noah Emmerich, who stars in the brutal cop drama Pride and Glory.

The Classical Music Review

Penny Woolcock’s production of Doctor Atomic burnishes a masterpiece.

The Pop Music Review

Devin the Dude strikes a blow for laid-back rap.

The Approval Matrix: Week of October 27, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


Halloween by the Borough

Kids' Halloween activities by the borough.

Project Greenmarket

By now New York chefs have fully embraced the buy-local philosophy.

Pumpkin Pie for Pumpkin-Pie Skeptics

Like fruitcake, the pumpkin pie does not lack for detractors.


Comments: Week of October 27, 2008

Readers sound off on a potential Tina Fey backlash, FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver, and more.

Artifact: The Littlest Demographic

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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