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January 5, 2009 Issue

Cover Story

Where to Eat 2009

In his annual selection of the city’s finest restaurants—from big-plate Italian to cut-rate Asian to “recession gourmet”—our critic realizes that chefs may have been the first to know we’d be needing comfort food. Plus: Lists of the best cocktails, best cheap meals, most unjustly unheralded chefs, and least-necessary trends in town.


The American Blair

Tony Blair was both Britain’s Obama, transforming its politics, and Britain’s Bush, prosecuting a deeply unpopular war. But at Yale last semester, as he moved into his afterlife, he seemed oddly unencumbered by his past.

My Laid-Off Life

Since August, 33,000 New Yorkers have lost their jobs. Here are seven recent casualties.

Run for the Hills

MTV’s heightened reality spinoff, The City, is coming to New York, giving a new collection of young, beautiful people the chance to become the next collection of young, beautiful things.


King vs. Princess

The GOP's challenger steps up.

What If Hirst Bursts?

High art-world anxiety.

LL Cool J Cool With Malcolm Smith

Don't knock him out.

The Hunchback of Van Zandt

'Mine could whip Disney's!'

Electroboy's Latest Shocker

Big pharma tell-all.

Sable Eyes Come to the Upper East Side

Here's to the ladies who lash!

It Happened Last Week

As Barack Obama flashed his six-pack on the beaches of Hawaii, others indulged their own escapist fantasies.

The Governor’s Game

The longer the Hillary-seat suspense goes on, the likelier the state is to win.

Recession Index

A numeric summary of our troubled times.

Neediest Caseworkers

City charities are getting a lump of coal in their stockings right when they’re needed most.

The New Bonus Economy

They’re still flowing on Wall Street. But they won’t buy bubbly.


Bush and Barack, Bedfellows

Why the current president is rooting for the next one.


Winter Reboot

Warm, dry, stylish boot options.

Eternal Optimists

Three new owner-operated men’s boutiques test the waters, despite the economy.

Bargain of the Week

Beer and a bouquet: $10.

The Look Book

"I’ve done a few photo shoots with small children, and I put them in high heels and wigs."

The Joy of Going in Circles

With two new venues opening this winter, New York has more options than ever. Ten rinks assessed.

Can You Get Me Off the Hook?

Buyers who signed on before the economy tanked want out.


Killer Instincts

Michael Shannon gave two riveting, dead-on performances in 2008.

The Movie Review

The superb, animated Waltz With Bashir makes war feverishly real. Plus, gentleman Nazi Tom Cruise.

Great Moments in Eye Patches

Tom Cruise is the latest in a long line of ocular accessorizers.

Courtly Lion

Robert Giroux’s life reminds us that great publishing needs quiet rebels (and taste).

TV Turncoat: Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry’s new Web series, Childrens’ Hospital is currently up on

The Art Review

The museum’s Pipilotti Rist show cheekily feminizes a bastion of masculinity.

Collecting Smoke

How does a museum acquire art that vanishes the moment it’s made?

Very Graphic Design

New York-based gay magazines are thriving.

The Annotated Script: 'The American Plan'

Richard Greenberg on reworking his breakout play.

The Book Review

In a new book, David Denby rages against mean-spirited humor but misses the point.

Happy New Year

For fans of Jim James and My Morning Jacket—set to rock the Garden on the 31st—it will be.


Lahey & Co.

Jim Lahey endeavors to leave his dough-driven mark on Co.

Eve’s Eats

Start the new year chewing.


Comments: Week of January 5, 2009

Readers list their reasons to love New York.

The Approval Matrix: Week of January 5, 2009

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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