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February 2, 2009 Issue

Cover Story

The Zany Adventures of (Senator) Caroline Kennedy

The political heiress’s bid to become Hillary Clinton’s successor may have been the strangest candidacy in the history of New York. And the farce had, as characters, nearly every important player in the state, from David Paterson to Michael Bloomberg to the Cuomos to the Clintons to, in the end, the very lucky Kirsten Gillibrand. By Chris Smith
On the Cover: Photograph by Joseph Moran.


Rose’s Last Turn

Patti LuPone’s final day as Mama Rose in Gypsy: A diary in photos.

Stock-Surfing the Tsunami

Ordinary investors may flee the market’s dizzying ups and downs, but Peter Milman and his kind hang on tight while riding the giant waves of uncertainty. There’s nothing more exhilarating than to catch the perfect surge.


GOP Bosses Say Take a Hike, Mike

Don’t want mayor at their party.

Bookish for Bernie?

Madoff-lit boom busts.

DeathWatch Stalks Galleries

Virtual Schadenfreude.

Affleck vs. ‘Newsweek’

Moral TARPitude.

Neighborliness Up in Smoke

Hotel fireplace not cozy.

It Happened Last Fortnight

As Barack Obama became president, it seemed like most of New York had traveled to Washington.

Yes, We (Possibly) Can!

Why Obama’s inaugural realism promises great things.

Michelle O

Fashion’s unsettled relationship with its newest icon.

Advertisements for Themselves

The search for Malia and Sasha look-alikes to sell products.


With Friends Like These

The left quadrant of Obama’s base wants to stay relevant by staying angry. And the right doesn’t have anything to do but get angry. So who’s his biggest problem?


The Everything Guide to the New-Hotel Glut

Four exciting new accommodations, and where to take your hometown vacation.

The Look Book

“When I retire, I’m gonna go live in a trailer park.”

Bright and Brand-New

Seven finds fresh from the stores.

The Restaurant Review

Downtown’s 10 Downing is trendy, but tasty.

In Season

Squids are at their sweetest, tenderest best right now.

The Longest (Two) Yards

Six-foot heros, those Super Bowl standbys, needn’t be unsightly loaves stuffed with grim cold cuts.

While Supplies Last

You may not have gobs of disposable cash at the moment. But sales have never been this good.


The Curse of Hedda Gabler

Mary-Louise Parker is the latest to tackle the iconic role. Can she, finally, get it right?

The Theater Review

At BAM, Sam Mendes’s production of The Cherry Orchard is a bold beginning to a daring series.

The Movie Review

An Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film also happens to be one of the best films in any language.

A Wishy-Washy Oscar

Two days after Barack Obama’s inauguration came the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominations.

Hard Times, Happy Festival

The strongest lineup in years launches a passel of new stars.

Springsteen’s Hungry Heart

How do you remain a rock god for more than 40 years?

Influences: Andrew Bird

Carnegie Hall isn’t a natural destination for most indie rockers, but it makes perfect sense for Andrew Bird.


One-Pot Cooking

What’s a rabbit potpie doing in an Italian wine bar?


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Readers sound off on the New York Times, Aretha Franklin's hat, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of February 2, 2009

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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