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February 16, 2009 Issue

Cover Story

Timing Is Everything

Demetri Martin doesn’t do political humor. But he may be the Barack Obama of comedy—a cerebral stand-up whose moment (in the form of Important Things With Demetri Martin, on Comedy Central) has arrived just in time. By Adam Sternbergh
On the Cover: Photograph by Jake Chessum for New York Magazine. Grooming by Sarah Potempa/The Wall Group.



Few are feeling the city’s economic pain as acutely as shopkeepers, restaurant proprietors, and small-business owners. Amid eerily empty sidewalks and race-to-the-bottom sales, the questions are: What will it take for them to survive? And how are you doling out your dollars?

How Tweet It Is

Sure, the Twitter guys still have no idea how to make money off their fabulous invention. But for now they are living in a dreamworld of infinite possibilities, maybe the last one on Earth.


D.C. vs. NYC: The Poll

Has the balance of power (and the high spirits) really shifted southward?


Sure, we want to see Wall Street humbled. But beggaring these guys is bad for New York.

Actual Price

Art world fears Brandeis sale.


The Mets get your taxes whether you like it or not.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

Wilde Times

The huge legacy of a small bookshop.

148 Minutes With Agyness Deyn

The British model treats her lingerie like a parka—and almost forgets Fashion Week.

Peter Gravelle, Vicious Enabler

It’s been 30 years since Peter Gravelle handed his friend Sid Vicious his last half-gram of heroin.

South Fork Summer Shuffle for Gere

Richard Gere seems to like keeping his brokers busy.

No Dogs on the Runway

The recession ended plans for a spring version of Pet Fashion Week.

Back and Forth

We asked Lindsay Price and Josh Radnor about the battle of the sexes.

Gleendilys Inoa

Her performance in Don’t Let Me Drown has given her a first taste of movie stardom.


The Quickie Honeymoon

Obama runs the risk (already!) of seeming same-old, same-old.


Best Bets

Sex paintings, coffee lessons, and more.

The Look Book

“I’m in a Kyocera ad for color copiers. I’m the head guy coming in to pick up his color copiers.”

I Slept on 100 Mattresses

Staying in bed is a particularly attractive idea right now. But what kind?

What I’d Get for You

We complete the Valentine’s Day shopping list for three still-very-enamored couples.

The Underground Gourmet Review

A new wave of restaurants aim to become a weekly habit.

Restaurant Openings

Week of February 16, 2009: Spunto and Butcher Bay.

The Urban Forager

In winter, we’ll take our veggies dried, dehydrated, and frozen.

In Season

Chocolate might always be in season, but never more so than in mid-February.

Cocoa Locals

New York’s new batch of chocolate-makers create their own semi-sweet signatures.

The Little Guy’s Doing Okay

Studio apartments aren’t faring as badly as bigger ones. Why?


Split Personality

Joss Whedon attempts to play it safe and weird with Dollhouse.

The Movie Review

Capitalism light (Confessions of a Shopaholic) and dark (Gomorrah).

The Newfangled, Unsatisfying Romantic Comedy: A Rant

Dirty Dancing was my first.

One Hell of a Mother

Eugene O’Neill’s Mourning becomes Lili Taylor.

The Theater Review

Comic man-child Will Ferrell takes his perfect role to Broadway.

The Conversation

What do you get when a classically trained musician composes for a post-punker?

The Book Review

A new novel declares war on apolitical fiction. And wins by losing.

Mob Tied: Josh Bazell

Josh Bazell started writing his debut novel, Beat the Reaper, while studying medicine at Columbia.

Down With the Cube!

White Columns’ anniversary show is a vital reminder that galleries can (and should) enliven art.

A Forest in the Subway

Mike and Doug Starn spoke to New York about their new work.


Love Bites

It’s true that some people would rather chew on broken glass than book a table for Valentine’s Day.


Comments: Week of February 16, 2009

Readers sound off on Sully, Stuy Town, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of February 16, 2009

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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