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September 13, 2010 Issue

Cover Story


The man selling junk in the ruins of Katrina said his lampshade was made out of Jews killed in the Holocaust. Could this possibly be proof that such objects weren’t just gruesome myths? Visiting a 9/11 medical examiner, a Dominican mystic, a top DNA lab, and finally Buchenwald itself, the author investigates. By Mark Jacobson


Vixen of Pong

On the town with Susan Sarandon.

Schools: The Disaster Movie

A debate has been raging over why our education system is failing. A new documentary by the director of An Inconvenient Truth throws fuel on the fire.


Skyscraper Bloat

As soon as the economy perks up, Manhattan’s skyline is going to change.

The Muted President

Barack Obama doesn’t seem to have that Clintonian fight in him. Maybe he’s just a little too human.

The GOP Tribe

J-Street, and the insufficiently pro-Israel, under siege.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

Why You Can’t Beat Wall St.

It’s 1896 all over again.

Inside the Future 9/11 Reliquary

A year before the memorial opens, the remains of that day wait patiently to be returned to ground zero.

101 Minutes With Arianna Huffington

The jet-set self-described Cassandra is ready to defend America’s besieged middle class.

Patricia Clarkson, Deaf-Dog Owner and Village Dame, Shops Daily

“I have a very Dawn Powell life,” the actress says.


Bronx Mirage

Why won’t the Yankees win the World Series? It’s a Moneyball thing.


Best Bets

Fashion Night's Out exclusives, a new Chelsea salon, and more.

The Look Book

"If my life were an episode of Friends, Union Square would be my Central Perk."

The Underground Gourmet Review

A Milanese expat redefines the panino for a town he deems nearly bereft of the real thing.

In Season

There’s still time for Greenmarketers to indulge in some end-of-the-season cantaloupe eating.

Restaurant Openings

Week of September 13, 2010: Valentino’s on the Green.

Introducing Frankenpizza

The love child of the pizza and the calzone hits Manhattan.

Big Enough for Two Home Teams

Everything you need to know to tackle the Jets and Giants’ New Meadowlands Stadium.

Hybrid Power

Sometimes dressy, sometimes fun, the shirtdress has its end-of-summer moment.

They Practically Sell Themselves

A statistical analysis of the most desirable apartments in Manhattan.


Big Sometimes Friendly Giant

Roald Dahl—the storyteller as benevolent sadist.

Fear and Fancy

A Sue Williams retrospective celebrates her grotesquely comical vision.

And Then There Were Three

Interpol returns after three years, minus one.

The Movie Review

Is Joaquin Phoenix a super-freak by nature or design?

The Abstract Expressionist

After 60 years of playing tenor sax, Sonny Rollins thinks he just might be getting the hang of it.

Accidental Mythology

Max’s Kansas City was never supposed to be the birthplace of New York rock.


Toasts of the Town: Pegu Club’s Birthday All-Star Menu

The chronological compendium showcases original concoctions of past and present.


Comments: Week of September 13, 2010

Readers sound off on the proposed downtown mosque, Barnes & Noble, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of September 13, 2010

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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