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May 2, 2011 Issue

Cover Story

What’s Left of the Left

Liberals thought that Obama’s election was their ascendant moment after years of George W. Bush and, before that, the triangulations of Clintonism. They were wrong. And channeling all of their face-palming frustration—a lonely crusader fighting what feels more and more like a quixotic fight—is New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. By Benjamin Wallace-Wells
On the Cover: Photo by Transtock/Corbis. Photo-illustration by Gluekit.


The Comic Stylings of Brian Williams

How’s an anchor to cope when network newscasts keep losing ground? Having a second career helps.

The Invisible Scent

He’s built a career concocting high-concept fragrances like “Wet Mitten” and “Clean Baby Butt.” Now Christopher Brosius is attempting his next olfactory experiment: creating a perfume you can’t even smell.


Wise Pies

Incidents where gangsters and pizzaioli have crossed paths.


The city’s war photographers mourn two of their own.

Hell No, Portmanteaux

A naming gimmick too far.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

Transcendence Splashes Down

What was lost when Space Shuttle missions started to feel ho-hum.

59 Minutes With Elizabeth Berkley

In towering heels, the former teen star talks body image, mean girls, and her unlikely new calling.


Best Bets

Tod’s braided-leather cuff bracelets, a flip-up storage bed, and more.

The Look Book

“One time I saw a white guy on the subway with a strawberry-blond Afro, and I froze in my tracks.”

The No-Hands Parasol

Out with the fedora, in with something floppier: the wide-brimmed hat.

No Pain, No Fame

The city’s newest tattoo parlor doubles as a reality-TV set.

The Restaurant Review

Other farm-to-table chefs let the ingredients do the talking. Here, David Burke speaks loudest.

In Season

Technically speaking, there’s no such thing as “kale rabe.”

It’s All American

At Andrew Carmellini’s new restaurant, the Dutch, he takes a very inclusive approach to our national cuisine.

Living in a Thermos

In the name of energy-ultraefficiency, New York gets its first airtight apartment building.


Rude Boys

The birth of the Beastie Boys—an oral history on the 25th anniversary of Licensed to Ill.

The Theater Review

Scott Brown on Jerusalem, Wonderland, and Sister Act.

The Movie Review

A documentary about exporting an American sitcom to Russia.

The Classical Music Review

Stephen Schwartz’s attempt at an opera may be easy to swallow—but you’ll have indigestion later.

The Art Review

An exhibition devoted to Picasso and a mistress-muse is soaked in sex.


The Latest Pop-up

Chef Bill Telepan establishes temporary residency at Pécan.


Comments: Week of May 2, 2011

Readers sound off on Japan, high-speed rail, and more.

An Appreciation: Thirty-one Down

After three decades–plus of puzzle-making, Maura B. Jacobson is retiring.

The Approval Matrix: Week of May 2, 2011

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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