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June 27, 2011 Issue

Cover Story

The Summer Issue

Our annual guide to frolicsome post-vernal enjoyment, including: an eight-stop beach-off; summery microbrews that actually are great-tasting and less filling; ice-cream creations ranked by our resident gourmand and his discerning daughters; a schedule for keeping kids thoroughly amused until the very moment they return to school.
On the Cover: Photograph by Andrew Eccles for New York Magazine.


Who Cries for the Goose Killer?

Lee Humberg kills (he prefers culls) geese so that jets have a better chance to fly. Some people aren’t so happy about that. By Robert Sullivan

Project Miranda July

Writing a duet with the director-artist-writer I once stone-cold dissed in song. By Michael Idov

The Big Trade

The legendary tale of two Yankees pitchers who swapped wives, and lives, is an irresistible soap opera. No wonder Red Sox fans Matt Damon and Ben Affleck want to make a movie about it. By Mark Jacobson

The Smelliest Block in New York

Deep in the Lower East Side, a terrible odor lurks. Where is it coming from? By Molly Young

Hot Messes

Authors reflect on past summers' joyriding, breaking into homes, getting rejected by Latvian chickens, and more.

The Anticipation Almanac

Running down the season's high- (and sometimes low-) lights in culture.


Seniors Then and Now

Self-assessments of 69 Bronx High School Oof Science alumni from the classes of 1960 and 2011.

Generation Blank

The beautiful, cerebral, ultimately content-free creations of art’s well-schooled young lions.

Weiner’s Leftovers

Quinn eyes unions; Stringer wants dibs on Jews.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

On Exhibition

The glassy new buildings along the High Line create spectators—looking in both directions.

49 Minutes With Cynthia Nixon

Back after a lobbying tour of the capitol, the actress anxiously awaits gay-marriage news from Albany.


The “You’re Hired” Gun

Texas governor Rick Perry has a strong jobs record and a red-meat platform. But does he hate Washington too much to run?


Beach Endorsements

What is it that draws New Yorkers to this stretch of sand over that? Eight seaside testimonials.

Ferried Away

A hop-on, hop-off guide to the city’s water-transit universe.

The Beer Drinker’s Dilemma

So many brews, so few afternoons! What to toss in the cooler, guzzle in the garden, pour in a cocktail, and pair with your fish tacos.

So Long, Mr. Softee

Our chief restaurant critic and his sweet-toothed daughters pick the city’s top sixteen ice creams.

R&R Is Not an Option

Plotting a season’s worth of kid diversions, every weekend through Labor Day.


Twilight of the Punk

The aggressive mellowing of former Hüsker Dü front man Bob Mould.

The Movie Review

David Edelstein on Buck, Page One, and The Green Lantern.

Seeing Things

Before returning to Middle-earth, Elijah Wood plays straight man to a dog on the FX comedy Wilfred.

The Pop Music Review

Beyoncé's 4 is the aural equivalent of a charming white picket fence in the suburbs.

Planet of the Ape

The tragic tale of a chimp raised as a boy.

Misery Loves Company

For Ray Romano’s Men of a Certain Age, the laughs are not easy.

How Was Your Trip, Allen?

Acid commentaries from Timothy Leary’s just-revealed archive.


She's Got Pull

Artisanal Brooklyn meets Rockaway boardwalk with Marisa Wu’s new line of saltwater taffy.


Comments: Week of June 27, 2011

Readers sound off on Anna Nicole Smith, Paul Bergrin, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of June 27, 2011

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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