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September 19, 2011 Issue

Cover Story

The Pinup of Williamsburg

Zooey Deschanel sews her own clothes, plays ukulele, and tweets about kittens. Is she too cute for her own good? Or just plain adorable? On her new TV show, New Girl, mainstream America will get its first chance to take stock of the indie girl that indie boys and girls love to argue about. By Jada Yuan
On the Cover: Photograph by Mark Seliger


The Knock at the Door

The last thing child-welfare supervisor Chereece Bell wanted to see was what happened to 4-year-old Marchella Pierce. The last thing she expected was to go to jail for it.

Bubble Boys

Out in Silicon Valley, the last bastion of full employment, the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerbergs of the future are staying up all night writing code in dorms.


Jobs Per Mile

President Obama’s new jobs proposal calls for $50 billion to be spent on infrastructure projects. How much employment can be produced per freshly paved mile?

Class-Size Claptrap

Bloomberg and the teachers’ union discover another education black hole.

Cut Off, Tuned In

The Richard Florida theory of reality TV.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

The Insanity Attack

GOP go-to line has unlikely author.

164 Minutes With Christopher Bollen

For New York’s most connected first-time novelist, one book party is not enough.


The Last Closet

When will a gay professional athlete finally come out?


Best Bets

Washing delicates the easy way, a classic carousel resurrected, and more.

The Look Book

“I have to braid my hair to fit it underneath my wigs and headpieces for my performance work.”

The Restaurant Review

With its old-fashioned country-style menu, Tremont defies West Village stereotypes.

In Season Recipe

Vegetable completists who devour every edible part of the plant will relish the sweet-potato leaf.

Restaurant Openings

Xocolatti, Indie Food & Wine, and Wong.

Deconstructing Dewey Dufresne

Or at least his Byggybeef sandwich.

The Everything Guide to Urban Surfing

New board stores, secret point breaks, and a gallery of unlikely surf rats.


Nordic Track

Swedish vampire-god Alexander Skarsgard sometimes wishes he could play a “weird little sidekick.”

Global Inflation

Under the High Line, David Byrne blows up the world.

The Movie Review

Drive doesn’t go anywhere, despite Gosling and gore. Plus: Hollywood’s greatest (flawed) new female auteur.

Photos of the Artists As Young Men

Robert Rauschenberg’s portraits of his extraordinary friends.

Under the Banner of Portlandia

Former members of Sleater-Kinney and Helium let their wild flag fly.

The TV Review

Pilot-surfing through the latest network offerings. (Don’t get too attached.)

Autumn of the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations

Will Skeeter Phelan guest-star in next season’s Mad Men?


Comments: Week of September 19, 2011

Readers respond to the Encylopedia of 9/11.

The Approval Matrix: Week of September 19, 2011

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


It's a Sicilian Thing

Paul Di Bari, opens his sandwich shop Pane Panelle this week.

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