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October 31, 2011 Issue

Cover Story

The Romney Economy

As CEO of Bain Capital, Mitt Romney was one of the principal architects of the modern corporation, honing its core philosophies of shareholder value, incentive-based compensation, and ruthless efficiency. How you feel about the economic world that created depends on which side of Zuccotti Park you’re standing on. By Benjamin Wallace-Wells


The Class War Has Begun

In America’s “classless society,” the battle lines are constantly shifting, making allies of right and left against the elites. Plus: Eliot Spitzer and an Occupy Wall Street protester argue the virtues of capitalism. By Frank Rich

Mister Wrong

After he’s done dangling his oeuvre from the Guggenheim’s atrium, Maurizio Cattelan plans to retire from the art world. It’ll be like being dead—or resurrected. By Carl Swanson

Kidnapped at Birth

One day Nejdra Nance realized the woman she had called Mom for 23 years may have been at the center of one of the most harrowing kidnappings in decades—hers. By Robert Kolker


Smokeless Smokes

How a subculture has grown up around “e-cigarette” nicotine-delivery devices.

They Struck a Chord

Sonic Youth’s impossible domestic ideal.

Madoffs on Madoff

Dueling tell-alls’ backstory.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

When the Claws Come Out

Exotic-animal underwriting.

45 Minutes With Rem Koolhaas

Before an afternoon dip in the pool, the architect talks about the New York buildings he’s never put up.


Best Bets

Design Ideas’s soap bones, an eight-hour skull candle, and more.

The Look Book

“I would spearhead childhood missions on my own. I would steal candy from stores.”

The Underground Gourmet Review

On a bustling Brooklyn thoroughfare, a Transcaucasian taste of home.

In Season

Local cauliflower is at its best this time of year.

Forcella to Bring Half-Baked-Half-Fried Pies to Bowery

See a slideshow of pizzas.

Tommy Lasagna Reveals Opening Lineup

Eight variations on the Italian-casserole theme.

The Rentables

The intrepid traveler’s guide to spending a fantasy vacation in someone else’s home.

The Dealbreakers

If you discover a real bargain, the co-op board may not let you get away with it.


Do I Look Like a Ghoul to You?

Anton Yelchin likes acting. He’s less fond of being a commodity.

The Movie Review

The most infectious love story in decades. Plus: Anonymous deserves to be lost to history.

Where Are the New Leos, Tobeys, and Jakes?

Hollywood’s 25-and-under conundrum.

The Book Review

Michael Ondaatje has made a career out of stiff-arming readers. So why is he finally inviting them in?

King of the Hill Again: Mike Judge

The Austin, Texas resident discusses the reboot of his beacon of controversy.

Indie Grown-Ups

Are Wilco and Feist our adult contemporary music?

The Theater Review

The Ethan Coen–Woody Allen–Elaine May triptych Relatively Speaking nearly drowns in its own shtick.

Why Mike Daisey’s Critique of Apple Is Too Glib to Really Sting

It's all about him.

God Help Them

Godspell is back on Broadway, with Hunter Parrish as a fresh-faced Jesus.


Big Nights at Left Bank

Chef Laurence Edelman is cooking up the Italian baked-pasta showstopper known as a timballo.


Comments: Week of October 31, 2011

Readers sound off on Zachary Quinto, Joan Didion, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of October 31, 2011

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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