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January 16, 2012 Issue

Cover Story

The Classifieds: A Workplace Confidential

What really goes on behind the closed doors of workplaces? Here’s a collection of trade secrets from: a teacher on the layers of cheating in the city’s schools; a Met on how the Wilpons failed the team; a Per Se waiter on the best and worst kinds of diners; a Times reporter on the new regime; a campaign operative on keeping politicians in line; a Hollywood agent on lying to land a client; and many more.
On the Cover: Typography by Timothy Goodman.


King Carl of Canarsie

The gothic saga of Brooklyn power broker Carl Kruger a state senator who loved a gynecologist and his family so much he was willing to sell his influence for them. By Geoffrey Gray

Pvt. Danny Chen, 1992–2011

He was 19 years old, a scrawny six-four, and wanted nothing more than to join the Army. Just like so many other young men. But very few from Chinatown. By Jennifer Gonnerman


Youth Movement

A look at some of Kim Jong-un fellow prodigies past and present.

An Ism Is Born

Are we all secretly kid-haters at heart?

Bull’s Best Friend

Lorax for a loaded symbol.

Flash Snobs

Surely you know how to code?

437 Minutes With Frank Luntz

The Republican wordsmith kicks off the primaries on a grassroots high.


The ABR Underground

A grassroots movement is growing among Republicans. Its motto: Anyone But Romney. Can it make the front-runner fall?


Best Bets

A new crop of fitness regimens make your body think it’s actually playing a sport.

The Look Book

“Stephen is my given name, but it felt like wearing somebody else’s clothes.”

Fur Is Flying Again

Animal skins, and their opponents, are resurgent.

You Call That a Tree Pose?!

David Regelin was a rising star in the yoga world, until he decided that he, and you, were doing everything wrong.

The Restaurant Review

The domestic goddess of Greece refreshes her homeland’s traditional cuisine at Loi.

In Season

Parsnips thrive in chilly climates.


We Need to Talk About Ezra

Ezra Miller is very good at playing teens with socialization problems.

The Movie Review

In the downcast, amazing world of A Separation, every single character comes up short in life.

Spots and Sharks and Maggots and Money

How Damien Hirst took over the world.

Acting Like a Man

Patty Hewes, Albert Nobbs, and Glenn Close’s search for safety and connection.

On a Mission from Blog

Austin’s Gary Clark Jr. is the great bluesman for the YouTube generation.


C is for Cocktails

Wayland brings cutting-edge cocktail to Alphabet City.


Comments: Week of January 16, 2012

Readers sound off on Mitt Romney, Adam Platt’s ‘Where to Eat 2012,’ and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of January 16, 2012

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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