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June 4, 2012 Issue

Cover Story

Hope: The Sequel

Inside Obama-campaign headquarters, the president’s senior strategists are confident they have demographics, history, and the better candidate on their side. But just to make absolutely sure they’ll beat Mitt Romney, they’re planning to ditch their hopey-changey past and double down on Rovean ruthlessness. By John Heilemann
On the Cover: Barack Obama. Photograph by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images.



“I want God to take me up to the clouds and bring me back down as a girl,” Mark used to say. Mark, now Molly, is 9 years old, and her parents are facing a thorny question that’s increasingly common for families with transgender kids: Is supporting your child’s choice enough, or should you also help her stave off her biological future? By Jesse Green

A New York Times Whodunit

When Arthur Sulzberger Jr. axed his CEO, Janet Robinson, in December, it marked a jarring end to what had been a hand-in-glove partnership. And while many marveled at her $24 million exit package, deeper questions remained: Why did Sulzberger do it? And had anyone put him up to it? By Joe Hagan


Bank Runs

Massive account withdrawals are in the news thanks to Europe.

The Met on Mute

Opera boss tries to quash the very thing the music thrives on.

Running, Away

Stumping for French votes in freedom-fry country.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

Know-It-Alls Who Say Nothing

A SCOTUS clerk never tells.

148 Minutes With Alec Baldwin and James Toback

Wrangling meetings at Cannes with two born hustlers turned self-documentarians.


Best Bets

A Philippe Starck chair, Michael Kors opens on Madison, and more new stuff in stores.

The Look Book

“Your figure changes, so at this age you more have fun shopping for the grandchildren.”

Breaking the Fourth Wall

With an airplane-hanger door, a modernist villa in Long Beach welcomes the elements.

The Restaurant Review

The New York version of Hakkasan is dark, overwrought, and preposterously expensive.

In Season

Snow peas are at their sweetest, tenderest best in late spring and early summer.

You Can Take It With You

Iced in a cup, sure, but also in a bottle, jug, or growler. A survey of summer’s most transportable and highly caffeinated cold brews.


Idris Elba's Day Off

The actor takes a breath between battling aliens and playing Nelson Mandela.

Neil Patrick Harris, Up Very Close

Pop-up stars in the world of Sleep No More.

After the Bold Rush

Dance music is mainstream again. Where does that leave outsider disco-revivalists Scissor Sisters?

Why I Drive

They pollute. They’re noisy. They run people over. But cars are not necessarily New York’s enemy.

The Movie Review

The dwarves in the dark Snow White and the Huntsman don’t do much singing.


Get Cracking

Summer officially starts with the return of Back Forty’s Tuesday-night crab boils, starting June 5.


Comments: Week of June 4, 2012

Readers sound off on parent health care, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of June 4, 2012

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies

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