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July 9, 2012 Issue

Cover Story

The Money-Empathy Gap

Rich people are thinner, healthier, and better educated than the average American. They’re also, if you believe a slew of new research, meaner. And the more cash a person has, the more likely he’ll be to tell the Golden Rule to go shove it. By Lisa Miller
On the Cover: Photograph by Catherine Ledner for New York Magazine.


‘Where Was My Mind Wandering?’

Roger Federer isn’t just trying to reclaim his No. 1 ranking this summer. He’s trying to prove that in an era of ever stronger, faster players, his approach to the game—artful, hyperfocused, almost Zen-like—can still triumph. By Geoffrey Gray

Black-Ops Fixers, CIA Assassins, and the Thirteen Families That Control Global Finance

Sam Israel was a delusional financial fraudster with a fleet of Porsches, a menagerie of rare reptiles, and a bogus $450 million hedge fund. In other words, he was a once-in-a-lifetime mark for a savvy con man peddling the ultimate espionage fantasy. By Guy Lawson


Advice for the Undocumented

Colombian-born college student Angy Rivera has become the movement’s Dear Abby.

Roberts's Long Game

Why the chief justice's embrace of Obamacare should make conservatives very happy.

Frank Rich on Obama's Second Chance

“I had the one reaction I didn’t expect to have: I was moved.”


A/C gets the cold shoulder.

Knuckle Sound Bites

Listening to R.A. Dickey.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

251 Minutes With Ken Feinberg

Opening night at the opera with the victims-compensation guru and “Master of Disasters.”

Nora Ephron, 1941–2012

A look at Ephron’s inaugural New York column.



John Roberts saved the Court, Obama got his policy, and the GOP got its issue. (Plus, the public got to laugh at the errors of the media, and, oh, yes: health care.)


Best Bets

Stackable espresso cups, Tom Ford opens at Woodbury Commons, and more new stuff in stores.

The Look Book

“All my trousers are pretty crazy, but these are definitely the wildest.”

The Restaurant Review

The hotel scene restaurant comes to Brooklyn.

In Season

Intensely sweet the day they’re picked, Tristar strawberries are ideal for this quick jam recipe.


Bathing suits with cuts that take you back in time.

A House on an Island

A single-family home: how Manhattanites go at the American dream.


Bank on Her

Carla Gugino can play a seductress or a mom, just not on Mad Men.

Spying Dutchmen

How the planners of Governors Island Park learned what worked.

The Movie Review

The Amazing Spider-Man: An unnecessary reboot makes a convincing case for itself.

The Movie Review

Why Magic Mike is arty, energetic, and soft-core.

The Movie Review

Weighing the ambitious Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Worst-Laid Plans

Why can’t any of this summer’s super-villains hatch an evil plot that makes sense?

The TV Review

Airing Louie near Anger Management is like hanging a Degas next to a dumpster.

Which Angry White Guy Should You Watch on Cable This Summer?

Check out our flow chart to find your best match.

Special Vampires Unit

Christopher Meloni trades his Law & Order badge for fangs on True Blood.


Haute Sodium

The Brooklyn-based owners of Colonie and Gran Electrica are expanding their holdings with Governor.


Comments: The Week of July 9, 2012

Readers sound off on Emma Stone, negative campaigning, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of July 9, 2012

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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