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March 25, 2013 Issue

Cover Story

The Retro Wife

Despite being raised to expect equality with men in every aspect of their lives, some young feminists aren’t swayed by the exhortations to lean in at work and have it all. Instead, they find themselves drawn to a more old-fashioned calling: housewife, a job they think must be done well, and can be done well only by them. By Lisa Miller
On the Cover: Kelly Makino and her daughter Lillie. Photograph by Julie Blackmon for New York Magazine. Styling and props by Julie Blackmon.


I Know What The Shining Is Really About

A new documentary, Room 237, explores the many meanings that obsessive fans of The Shining have extracted from Kubrick’s film. Prompting one fellow Bronx native to do a little theorizing of his own. By Mark Jacobson

The Glass Arm

Since the late nineties, baseball has devised highly specific formulas for crafting lineups and judging players, but keeping the arm of a pitcher from a career-ending injury remains a mysterious, semi-mystical, and very fraught process. By Will Leitch


Snapchat’s Winklevoss

Frat guy says bros cut him out of app fortune and fame.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

72 Minutes With Renata Adler

Navigating someone else’s book party with the merciless writer as she tries to remember how she knows all these people.

What Is Dick Cheney Trying to Tell Us?

An expert analyzes the ex-veep's facial expressions in his new documentary.

The Indomitable Chinatown Bus

Some of the cheapskate shuttles of yore, plus those still plying I-95.

She Was the One

Edith Windsor's pioneering life, from Portofino to the Supreme Court.

How-To: Sightseeing in Pyongyang

For those without an invite.

Intrade’s Black Swans

Other events the recently shuttered site didn't see coming.


“Yes, I’m Black—Duh”

Bill Thompson and the strange place of race in this year’s mayor’s race.


Best Bets

A Magimix toaster, glow-in-the-dark dominoes, and more new stuff in stores.

The Look Book

“We lived in Elvis’s old Bel Air bachelor pad. It was where he first met the Beatles.”

Happy Feet

The classic sneaker is now brighter and bolder than ever.

The Great Room

One of the most opulent bathrooms in New York is tucked away on the top floor of a West Village townhouse.

The Restaurant Review

Le Philosophe, like several next-generation bistros in town, is reimagining French classics.

In Season

Over at the Union Square Greenmarket it's still a veritable rutabagapalooza for another month or so.

Spring Preview

From lobster clubs to hamachi collars, the season's most anticipated eats.


20 Things Jerry Saltz Really Liked at the Art Fairs

And which of them were sold.

FutureSex LoveSounds

The drummer Questlove's weeklong master class on the gospel of Prince.

Rapping, Stripping, and Snake Charming for Fun and Profit

Brooke Candy's new business model.

Culture Diary

A week in the cultural consumption of director Rob Zombie.

Actress and Playwright and Chekhov and Lunch

Christopher Durang and Sigourney Weaver, together again.

The TV Review

Justified's fourth season is great TV without all the fuss.

The Architecture Review

Steven Holl’s new sports center for Columbia University muscles into Inwood.

The Movie Review

Mouseketeers misbehave in Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers.

The Movie Review

Tina Fey's Admission is disappointingly by-the-numbers.

To Do: March 20-27, 2013

Twenty-five things to see, hear, watch, and read.


Comments: Week of March 25, 2013

Readers sound off on the GOP, Mark Sanford, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of March 25, 2013

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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