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May 13, 2014 Issue

Cover Story

New York Design Hunting

The next time you’re out and about, look up. You’ll see a whole new world: that glimpse of a ceiling (is it … covered in red patent leather?), the barely visible boughs of a rooftop garden in bloom, all those tantalizing hints of how our neighbors live. This city is full of secrets. Who would guess that a humdrum building in Brooklyn houses a modernist sanctuary, or that a West Village apartment contains a full-on locker room—sauna included? Who would imagine that a stately Upper East Side mansion holds a swimming pool (and so much more)? In the fourth edition of New York’s Design Hunting, Wendy Goodman invites us into some of the city’s most surprising homes. Delight in a Chelsea townhouse reinvented by architect Winka Dubbeldam. Step into a kitchen that’s truly one-of-a-kind. And wait until you see what a couple of enterprising owners did with their Crown Heights house. Read on, get inspired—then check out our guide to the best of the city’s architects, interior designers, specialists of every stripe, and all the stores you need to know about. Whether you’re actually renovating, or just like to look, you’re in for a treat.
On the Cover: Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner’s Crown Heights bedroom. Photograph by Floto+Warner for New York Magazine


My Favorite Things

Seeking the city’s best bedding? Out-of-print books? A housewarming gift they’ll actually use? Take your cues from these local tastemakers.

Then: Cobble Hill in 1968

Forty-six years later, architect Dennis Holloway’s modular Superstairs system still looks ahead of its time.

The Hunt

Everything you’ll want now—from a minimalist chandelier to handcrafted ceramic dinnerware to a stunning sculpted metal table.

Guess Who Relaxed Here …

Try to name the fashion pioneer who kicked back at this Hamptons house.

I Just ...

… Gave My Tiny Walk-up a Park Avenue Makeover

For her uptown apartment, Meaghan Kimball didn’t settle for anything short of elegance—albeit on a smaller-than-usual scale.

... Redid My Rental As If I Owned the Place

Shane Ruth’s sophisticatedly homespun Hell’s Kitchen apartment.

... Spent One Year Turning a Cookie-Cutter Apartment Into a Family Sanctuary

Yuuki Kitada’s wholly reimagined Brooklyn three-bedroom.

Who Did That?

Shadow Architects’ Penthouse in Brooklyn Heights

“They wanted to insert some young blood, and encouraged us to be bold with our intervention.”

Chris Coleman’s Vibrant Four-Bedroom on the Upper West Side

“An open layout with modern family-friendly design and supercool kids’ rooms” was the directive.

StudioKCA’s Kight-Filled Loft in Chelsea

“I immediately realized that the skylight could allow rooftop access.”

Ask the Experts

The Textile Designer

“It’s always been said that designers should start with the rug, and I would agree.”

The Antiques Restorer

“Make sure the piece is in untouched condition, meaning it comes straight from an estate to the dealer.”

The Garden Designer

“A good living-wall system should cost as little as possible and be as maintenance-­free as possible.”

The Professional Organizer

“People have this expectation that organized equals neatness—they are two very different things.”

The Decorative Painter

“They’ll guide you through colors and ideas and the sample-making process.”

Eat, Sweat, Sleep, Lounge

The Kitchen

Anthony Baratta’s bold vision for an Upper East Side apartment kitchen abounds with cultural references—to modern art, industrial design, and Italian fashion.

The Sauna

When a very modern West Village apartment needed a touch of the old school, interior designer Ariel Ashe and architect Reinaldo Leandro transformed the storage space into a private locker room—complete with built-in sauna.

The Bedroom

A laid-back getaway by Shanan Campanaro and Michelle Zacks.

The Screen

To transform an eyesore of a Chelsea basement into a laid-back home theater, architecture firm Messana O’Rorke and interior designer Betsy Morgan had to dig deep—into the dirt, that is.

Great Rooms

With the Flow

Architect Winka Dubbeldam creates a family home that erases the borders between rooms and blurs the lines between indoors and out.

Palm Fronds & Polka Dots

A Crown Heights home gets fearlessly remade by two DIY owners.

Uptown Underground

On every level, Steven Harris Architects has crafted one of the city’s most surprising homes.

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