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Artists on the Verge of a Breakthrough

Still from My Birds...Trash...The Future, by Paul Chan, courtesy of Greene Naftali Gallery  

Paul Chan
Digital Artist
Paul Chan doesn’t want you to see his face—and not just because he’s camera shy. As a member of Voices in the Wilderness, an activist group under federal indictment for violating sanctions against Iraq, and the co-creator of a map called “The People’s Guide to the Republican National Convention,” he’s trying to keep a low profile. His art is another story, in the spotlight this past year at the Carnegie International and in a first solo show at Greene Naftali (those who missed his haunting digital animation My birds . . . trash . . . the future will be able to see it at “Greater New York”). The Carnegie piece, Happiness . . . , was acquired by MoMA; supercollectors Dakis Joannou and the Rubells own his art. “For the work to survive, I have to disappear,” says the artist. To which we say, good luck.

She Can’t Be Bought
You want a Mehretu? A Hirst? A Koons? Fat chance. A much-watched lawsuit is exposing the painful truth of this overheated market: It takes more than money to buy a hot piece of art.

Where the Scenes Are
Greater New York’s new art geography.