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Who Bought Kevin McCoy's 'Our Second Date' and Why?


The Artists: Kevin and Jennifer Mccoy
Kevin: “This is a re-creation of our second date in Paris. We went to see Godard’s Weekend. The piece remakes this traffic-jam scene and intercuts that with the movie theater where Jen and I, in miniature, are watching it. Miniatures are always about creating a model of reality. Our take is a little different in that we’re not making continuous spaces, but different spaces in proximity to each other, and the technology of film stitches them together. That seemed like a really contemporary situation to us, the way disparate things are juxtaposed all the time.”

The Collector: Actor Bill Paxton
“It appealed to me in its theatricality and originality. In my work, miniatures are still used—even though CGI is taking over—going back to Aliens and pictures like that. It’s an old Hollywood craft that the McCoys are using. The illusion of perspective and the framing of the master and close-up—the way you see it happening in real time is like a mini-education in filmmaking.”

The Work: Our Second Date (2004). Sold for around $25,000.


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