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Who Bought Jil Weinstock's 'Platinum' and Why?


The Artist:
Jil Weinstock: “There are twelve inches of zippers encased in the rubber; the rest are free-flowing. What’s so interesting for me is to take the idea of Minimalism, where everything is stripped to its basic form, and then build it back up. Then there’s the idea of the zipper and that whole context of charged sexuality.”

The Work:
Platinum (2004) by Jil Weinstock. Sold, for $4,800, by the Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco; Weinstock is represented in New York by the Charles Cowles Gallery.

The Collector:
Karen Present: “I love its hybrid nature—it hangs on the wall like a painting, and the zippers are like brushstrokes. I’m also intrigued by her materials. They relate to women’s work—zippers, sewing, fabric—yet she encases them in rubber. It appears soft at first glance, but it’s very strong.”


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