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Gotham Q&A

This week, Lizzie Grubman heads off to jail for (all of) 30 days . . .What should Lizzie read to pass the time?


The Reverend Al Sharpton:
"The Holy Bible, so she can use her time to introspect, pray, and study; A Lawyer's Life, by Johnnie Cochran, because she may want to start a new career; and Al on America, because it's mine!"

Chip McGrath, editor of The New York Times Book Review:
"Though it's a little late in the day, Keith Bradsher's High and Mighty: SUVs -- The World's Most Dangerous Vehicles and How They Got That Way."

Bobby Zarem, P.R. legend
"I wish I'd started my autobiography so she'd have something delicious to read and we'd be even better friends when she came out."

Bo Dietl, corporate-securities investigator:
"My book, One Tough Cop, will teach her how to succeed without screwing people. John Gotti read it. If it was good enough for him, it's good enough for Lizzie."

John Wareham, author of How to Break Out of Prison: "Carl Upchurch's Convicted in the Womb, which shows how to extract redemption from incarceration, and Oscar Wilde's De Profundis."

Susan Sontag:
"The Little Virtues, by Natalia Ginzberg, a very special literary seducer. She makes you want to behave better."


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