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Novel Approach

"All we really want to do is write!" proclaim these editors-in-chief.


Next month marks the publication of The Deed, the first novel by Keith Blanchard, editor of that well-known literary journal Maxim. He's the latest editor-in-chief to try his hand at fiction. Kate White's mystery came out last year, and Paige Rense is working on a sequel to hers. Where do they find the time?

Editor: Paige Rense of Architectural Digest
Book: Manor House
Plot: Magazine editor is mysteriously shot to death.
First line: "Twenty minutes before his life ended, Beau Paxton . . . ordered another Gibson, straight up."
When did she write? "Airports and airplanes."
Reviews: “As stiff, formulaic, and tasteful as the layout of a certain kind of shelter magazine.” (The New York Times)

Editor: Kate White of Cosmopolitan
Book: If Looks Could Kill
Plot: After nearly being poisoned, an editor hires a freelance writer (why?) as a P.I.
First line: "Cat Jones was the kind of woman who not only got everything in the world she wanted . . . "
When did she write? "Six hours a weekend for a year."
Reviews: "Reveals the malicious wiles of arrogant editors." (The New York Times)

Editor: Keith Blanchard of Maxim
Book: The Deed
Plot: Twentysomething guy searching for love and meaning.
First line: "The burgher fell in love with the rotten log the instant he spied it by the side of the forest path, sprawling wantonly . . . "
When did he write? "It took seven years"
Reviews: "The premise is silly . . . and the babe quota is relatively low." (Publishers Weekly)


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