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Not Jerry Seinfeld

Don't be so sure. "His impressions are smart," says Michaels. "You can do an impersonation where you get the voice right or the gestures, but he gets them the way Dan Aykroyd got some essential attitude of Tom Snyder -- so you could never look at Snyder again without thinking of it."

It's almost unnerving when Fallon switches from his own guy-speak into an utterly precise mimicry of the voice-mail voice, or Gilbert Gottfried, or Nicolas Cage, because it reminds you that this isn't just some silly goose: Nothing gets by him. Like Phil Hartman barking "You are correct, sir!" as Ed McMahon, Fallon seemed to be virtually channeling Chris Rock on a Conan O'Brien appearance last February: "Hey, Ma . . . Did anybody call for me? Gerard! Is he still on crack? Man, the last time I saw him, he told me I wasn't eatin' right. The man is on crack! I never heard of a healthy-conscious crackhead! I know the four food groups -- ain't one of 'em crack!"

Later on in that program, Conan mentioned that Fallon is single, and the crowd started shrieking like crazed Beatles fans. "I was really embarrassed," Fallon admits.

"I get the feeling with Jim that he'll just find some girl and he'll marry her," speculates his friend and castmate Ana Gasteyer. "I think he's flattered by his fans' attention, but he's really kind of honorable and old-fashioned in that way."

The attention can be a bit much. Fallon is inundated with letters from enchanted young women, and the Internet is blooming with Websites like "The Jimmy Fallon Shrine" ("This page is devoted to the funniest sexiest most talented man in the known world!"), "Jimmy Fallon Is a Hottie," and "Jimmy Fallon: Adonis!!" At his packed Barnes & Noble book signing last week, one 14-year-old from Pennsylvania had driven three hours with her family to lay eyes on him. "He's perfect," she said, looking very close to tears.

Asked how he feels about being "the hot one" on SNL, Fallon smirks and shifts around. "I've never really gotten this response before. I was never, like, the hot guy at the bar. I'm still not the hot guy at the bar." Um, debatable.