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When "Write What You Know" Gets Taken to Extremes

The Sexual Life of Catherine M. is the book everyone is talking about but most are finding too dull to get through. Is it really that tedious? Herewith, an index to (some of) the dirty parts.


Ass, Catherine's: as the counterpart to her head, 101; representing the image she has of herself, 168; as another side of who she is, 168; her "so-so face, but what an," 168.

Fantasies, Catherine's: as far too personal to ever be really shared, 32; as a Barbie doll, 116; as a porn actress, 199. (See also "Masturbation," "Prostitution.")

Farts, Catherine's: never coming across enthusiasts for hers, 133.

Forty-Nine: as the number of sexual partners whom Catherine can name, 10.

Libido, Catherine's: the two occasions when it was stalled, 73.

Masturbation, Catherine's: with the punctuality of a civil servant, 200; looking like she is playing a guitar during, 207. (See also "Fantasies.")

Men: See "Penis."

Penis: Catherine's enjoyment of, 1–209.

Prostitution: fantasy about participating in high-class, 49, 108; failed attempt at, 69.

Sex: against a wall, 24, 86; on the hood of a car, 24, 87, 158; in the back of a car, 47, 160; in a dentist's chair, 82; in a soccer stadium, 87; while hanging on to a post, 88; on the counter of a concession stand, 88; on a bench, 90; in a garden, 92; in a vineyard, 95; on a hillside, 97; in an old chapel, 99; while clutching the narrow trunk of a tree, 99; on a farm, 99; on the side of the road, 101; on a rock, 102; in Canada, 110; in the back of a van, 121; in the cab of a semi, 122; in the bunk of an overnight train, 123; during a peep show, 127; in the office, 143; in the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, 153; in a sauna, 155; in an art studio, 189.

Style, Doggie: Catherine finally admitting to herself that it isn't the most satisfying position, 169.


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