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Jimmy Nederlander's Endless Run


Jimmy's assistant distributes food from Ranch 1, but Lussa declines.

"You sure you're not eating?" Jimmy says. "What'd you have for breakfast, Ray?"

"A roll and coffee."

"You should eat something, Ray."

Jimmy feeds some of his chicken to Jimmy Jr.'s dog, a King Charles spaniel.

"That's a nice tie, Jimmy," Lussa says.

"Is it a gift from you?"

"No," Lussa says.

Jimmy looks at the label: Turnbull & Asser. "It's from England. I think it's a gift from Ray."

McCann announces that Ben Mordecai, a well-regarded producer, wants to be a partner in Copenhagen, a play by Michael Frayn that Jimmy is bringing from London.

"What for?" Jimmy says. "I've already got you."

McCann rolls her eyes. "You always say I'm a partner when you want to get rid of someone. You say I'm just an employee when you don't."

Lussa, turns a snow globe from Kaufman Astoria Studios upside down, then laughs after a delay. "That's good, Liz."

From the hallway, Charlene's voice is audible. "I hear those dulcet tones," McCann says.

"I hear shopping bags, too," Jimmy says.

Charlene has photographs from the thirtieth-anniversary party for everyone to flip through.

"Here's a good one of you," Jimmy tells her.

Charlene looks frustrated and exits. "No, my mouth is terrible -- and my arms!"

Lussa puts a picture of himself and his girlfriend in his pocket. He smiles at Jimmy; Jimmy smiles back. "Don't tell Charlene you did that," Jimmy says.

Jimmy gets driven home every afternoon around four o'clock. McCann watches Jimmy putting on his overcoat. The Tonys are just days away, and both Iceman and Annie Get Your Gun seem like heavy favorites in their respective categories.

"Jimmy, have you ever gone onstage to accept a Tony?" McCann asks.

"No, I don't like my bankers to see me with a cane," Jimmy says. "I let Charlene go up there. Anyway, I don't like ego. Ego will kill you."


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