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Q&A: Switch On the Lights

Linda Thompson Returns


You and your son Teddy co-wrote much of the album, and you've joined him onstage.
Last time, at the Village Underground, I was nervous. But because I'm so blind, instead of taking a mild tranquilizer I took a sleeping pill. It was like Sgt. Pepper's Bloody Lonely Hearts Club Band. "Haaallo wooorld, haaalloo . . . " I don't remember singing. Apparently it went well.

Richard's on the opening track.
It was better than old times -- no baggage.

Might you work together again?
Funnily enough, I wouldn't mind. But I don't think it's something Richard would like to do. He's in a very different place musically now; I'm still doing the same old shit.

Do you get to New York much?
A lot. I love it. London's much more hipper-than-thou -- "We're listening to the Hives this week, but the Strokes next. And OutKast tomorrow, but only from 10 to 4." I go to clubs here and there's people my age and teenagers. It's really good.

You seem happy to be back.
I'm singing great. Every interview I've meant to say this, so [leans into recorder and laughs]: It may be a sad record, but would it kill you to buy it? Would it?

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