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Q&A: Jonesing

Norah Jones on life post-Grammys—and miniskirts.


Sudden fame and fortune have a way of changing people—fast. But you won’t see Norah Jones in a Christina Aguilera getup anytime soon. And she’s moving out of her $1,400 apartment in Williamsburg only because the media made her!

How are you coping with superstardom?
I already have to move, because the Post published a picture of my apartment on the front page. That was really lame. There were people camping outside my apartment after that. I mean, we’re about to go to war. I don’t know why everybody has time to be so interested in me.

Is that why you insisted that Blue Note stop promoting your CD last year?
Yeah. I felt that the record was being overplayed and that my career was moving too fast. This year has been crazy. But you won’t ever hear about me demanding green M&M’s or special sheets.

And I guess you won’t be wearing skimpy outfits in videos?
You would never catch me in a miniskirt. Designers send me clothes I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing. But I’m lucky because my record label is a jazz label. Nobody here would want me to look like a ho.


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