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Best Eyebrow Styling


Eliza Petrescu at Avon Centre
725 Fifth Avenue
Robyn Cosio at Peter Coppola
746 Madison Avenue
Dinah AGURE AT Pierre Michel
131 East 57th Street

Here's good news for fans of Avon's eyebrow czarina, Eliza Petrescu: To ease the eight-month waiting list, Avon recently opened Eliza's Eyes, a boutique dedicated to teaching the other eyebrow sculptors the Petrescu style ($65 per visit). Meanwhile, there's another favorite, bicoastal Robyn Cosio, a makeup artist and eyebrow specialist who spends one week a month at Peter Coppola and charges a mere $50 for the waxing. "It's like an instant face lift," says Cosio, whose client list includes Christina Applegate, Gina Gershon, and Vanessa Redgrave. "There's just something about Robyn," says Lisa Hubbard, senior vice-president at Sotheby's Jewelry, who likes the fact that Cosio is available on both coasts. But book early, as the demand is high. Also keep an eye out for Cosio’s upcoming book The Eyebrow, a history of styles complete with do-it-yourself tips, due out at the end of May. Attention, men: Tweezing and waxing isn't just for the ladies. "If you're in the business, you have to look good," says one film producer and director, who turns to Dinah Agure, the top hair and eyebrow specialist at Pierre Michel, to control his unruly brows. "Dinah does very good work that looks natural," adds Star magazine reporter Bob Hartlein. "I wouldn't go anywhere else" ($65 for the first visit, $35 for monthly maintenance).

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