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Best Party Help


Waiters on the Run

So you've decided to throw a dinner party. What's more, despite the lure of caterers and Zabar's takeout, you're actually planning to do the unthinkable: cook. Still, after hours spent perfecting your sauce, you'd like to enjoy the company of your guests. Call Waiters on the Run to ensure that the meal runs smoothly. "I like to call it a butler service," says owner Aaron Armijo. "Although we do work with some celebrities, our core customer is the up-and-coming professional who can't afford a full-time butler but still wishes to have help when entertaining guests." Waiters on the Run can provide you with a full wait staff -- including bartenders and cocktail servers -- or a single waiter, who will assist with set-up, manage and properly time the service, mix a good drink, and, best of all, clean up the post-party mess. Each server, sporting your choice of full tuxedo, black-and-white attire, or the increasingly popular all-black ensemble, costs $21.50 per hour for a cocktail party or $25 per hour for lunch or dinner.

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