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"The Saturday Show"
"The Sunday Show”
WNYC-fm, 93.9
noon to 4 p.m.

Let's be Frank. Sinatra, that is: It is a crazy fact that the music that this city created, that sustained its citizens through wars both hot and cold, no longer has a full-time spot anywhere on the airwaves. Swing-revival shows and dance classes and every other commercial on TV are packed with loose-limbed Lindy lovers and jumpin', jivin' jitterbuggers, but you can't hear "Night and Day" anywhere on your radio -- except from Jonathan Schwartz, who kept the flame burning through the dark ages of disco and now mans the mike for three shows a week on WNYC. He's been heard on AM for decades, most recently with "The Sinatra Show" on Saturday nights, and last month returned to the FM side. Noon to 4, Saturdays and Sundays, 93.9 FM is filled with songs for lovers -- in stereo, never mind the largely monophonic playlist. Sure, his trivia-hound obsessiveness and weighty pronouncements can get a little tiresome (Sinatra himself eventually feuded with him). Still, it's Frank's world, and who better to serve as tour guide?

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