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Sizzling Gadgets

From smokers to charcoal, the hottest grilling gear.

Indoor Smoker
The cleverly designed Camerons Stovetop Smoker gives meat, chicken, and fish an authentic smoky barbecue flavor—in your apartment ($49.98 at Zabar’s; 212-787-2000).

Gas Grill
The 40,000-BTU Broilmaster Super P Series has separate systems for direct and indirect cooking, so you can smoke a pork shoulder or just char six buffalo steaks ($1,500 at Big Apple Barbeque; 718-204-1166).

(1) Basting Brush
The Grill Friends silicone basting brush is long (fourteen inches) and ergonomically angled. Best of all, the bristles don’t stick to your chicken ($9.95 at A Cook’s Companion; 718-852-6901).

(2) Tongs
Oxo’s locking tongs are strong and precise (for turning a porterhouse or baby asparagus) and sixteen inches long (for preventing burns) ($11.98 at Zabar’s; 212-787-2000).

(3) Barbecue Turner
Oxo’s stainless-steel turner doesn’t just flip burgers; the serrated edge cuts meat to test doneness ($10.95 at Broadway Panhandler; 212-966-3434).

(4) Grill Brush
Clean grates keep food from sticking and prevent flare-ups. Grilling guru Steven Raichlen’s long-handled, oversize brass-bristle model gets the job done fast ($16.95 at Broadway Panhandler; 212-966-3434).

Indoor Grill
If you must grill inside, Le Creuset’s 13-by-8.5-inch cast-iron grill is big enough to handle long kebabs or four steaks at a time, and the ridges create pretty grill marks ($69.99 at Bloomingdale’s; 212-705-2238).

Peoples Woods’ natural lump charcoal lights in half the time of briquettes and reaches a higher temperature, which helps seal in juices and impart flavor ($10.95; 800-729-5800).

Grill Mat
Another $30 worth of tilapia just plopped onto the coals? Try Grill Friends’ large (about sixteen by twelve inches) nonstick silicone grilling mat ($19.99 at Broadway Panhandler; 212-966-3434).

Heavy-Duty Oven Mitts
Lamson Sharpton’s elbow-length heavy-duty suede oven mitts are strong enough to protect you from high heat, but supple enough to handle tongs and the like ($26.99 each at Gracious Home; 212 517-6300).

Charcoal Grill
Styled after the Japanese kamado, the ceramic Primo grill and smoker seals in heat, so the steaks you present on the cypress table will be extra juicy ($800, with table $1,300, at the Fireplace Patio Shoppe; 914-337-5301).

Chimney Starter
The Weber chimney starter’s cylindrical shape promotes a fast burn. Fill it, light it, and you’ll have reliably hot coals in ten minutes, with no lighter fluid—or swearing ($16.99 at Gracious Home; 212-517-6300).

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