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Object of Desire: Hive Mind


Whenever longtime Blue Ribbon chef Felix Vaquero would visit his family in Mexico, he’d bring back a jar or two of the artisanal honey they produce on their Puebla farm. It never lasted long. So enamored of the sticky stuff were Blue Ribbon owners Bruce and Eric Bromberg, they went to the considerable trouble of getting an import license. Ever since they began selling several varieties at the new Blue Ribbon Bakery Market, honey connoisseurs have been flocking. Each of the four seasonal varieties ($12 to $14 for a sixteen-ounce jar), including mesquite blossom, Vera Cruz orange blossom, and golden reserve, has a distinct flavor and texture. The almost chewy autumn flower has a rich, buttery taste with delicious caramel undertones. Serve it on buttered toast the way they do at the shop, drizzle it over a slice of Manchego cheese, or throw caution to the wind and spoon it straight from the jar in front of the television like a pint of Häagen-Dazs.

Blue Ribbon Bakery Market
14 Bedford St., nr. Downing St.; 212-647-0408.


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