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Hot Plate: Joey's


Where? 186 Avenue B.

Wait a minute, isn't that . . . ? Yes, Joey Gossett's new place -- he's partner and little brother of ex-Moombassador Jeff.

But I thought they closed bars! Just because they shut Moomba without telling investors (or staff) doesn't mean they can't try again . . .

So what's the VIP room like? Don't be so fin de siècle. We're not talking Moomba's signature chicken laced with foie gras; the chicken here is fingers and fries. And this is democracy in action! Gisele and Naomi eat their veggie burgers and salad with everyone else; Warner LeRoy's boy, Max, tends bar; and, I'm reliably informed, Vito Schnabel (fils de Julian) is a whiz at the video games!


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