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3-D Baby Pictures

Medicine: Dispatches From the Front Lines


The 3-D ultrasound machine, which for close to a decade has discovered detailed anomalies, skeletal defects, and other health problems in fetuses very early in pregnancies, has improved markedly as its use around the country spreads. It now produces X-ray renderings, surface renderings -- want to see whether the baby looks like mom or dad? -- and the traditional volume renderings, and it's now available at Albert Einstein, New York Presbyterian, and NYU Medical Center, where Dr. Ilan Timor (pictured), division director of OB-GYN ultrasound, predicts that 3-D ultrasound will be standard within the decade. "Maybe the pregnant woman will be sitting at home and have a little machine to do a sweep on the fetus," he adds. "She'll send it to me and I can diagnose from my office."


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