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Fall Preview: Film



Woman on Top
No one knows why this film was pushed back from its original June release date, but it's not a quality thing -- honest. We've seen the film, and it's fluff -- but the best kind of fluff. Penelope Cruz stars as a spicy gourmet chef who likes to always be in control, whether she's dicing chilies or mounting men. When she moves from Brazil to San Francisco, she finds herself starring in a hit television show and causing numerous male hearts to flutter. (September 22)

The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen
For a long time, horror-film devotees have been dying to see the possessed Linda Blair's infamous spider-walk scene, in which she scuttles downstairs bent backward on her hands. Originally excised from the film for being too disturbing, it's now been restored in this definitive cut of William Freidkin's classic. And take it from us: The scene is out there. (September 22)

Remember the Titans
Jerry Bruckheimer (Flashdance, Top Gun) produces and Boaz Yakin directs this true story of a newly appointed football coach (Denzel Washington) who must overcome discrimination from the Virginia locals while trying to win over the team's former coach (Will Patton), a white guy who's been bumped down to assistant. Washington, who came within inches of winning an Oscar last year, is hoping this puts him in contention again. (September 29)

Karyn Kusama's directorial debut knocked 'em out at the Sundance festival last winter. Her film tells the story of Diana (played by newcomer Michelle Rodriguez), a surly young high-schooler in Brooklyn who keeps beating the hell out of her classmates until advised to take her problems into the boxing ring, where she blooms. Kusama and Rodriguez have been basking in the glow of positive advance buzz for eight months now, but we'll see if audiences buy it. (September 29)

Best in Show
Christopher Guest follows up his fitfully funny Waiting for Guffman with yet another heavily improvised mockumentary. This time, Guest and company (including Parker Posey, Catherine O'Hara, and Michael McKean) lampoon the uppity dog-show scene. (September 29)

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