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Man's Work

Now that Art Cooper’s “resigned,” how would you make over GQ?


Helen Gurley Brown, ex-editor, Cosmopolitan: “It already speaks to its audience very eloquently. You know, men who work, but not in delicatessens.”

Patal, Patal’s News, Times Square: “No idea. I don’t read. I get up at 5:30 every morning.”

Keith Blanchard, editor, Maxim: “I’d change the title to LPFQ: Lesbian Pillow Fight Quarterly.”

Po Bronson, author: “Having felt strongly the pressure to Maxim-ize my writing, I’m happy with GQ hanging in there.”

Julian Niccolini, co-owner, The Four Seasons (Cooper’s favorite): “I don’t have the power to tell these people what to do. I can barely tell them where to sit.”

Greg Gutfeld, editor, Stuff: “First I’d invite it over for a slumber party. Then I’d do its hair! We’d stay up talking about boys and call Esquire—but get nervous and hang up!”

Elizabeth Willis, Liz Newsstand, Seventh Avenue and 50th Street: “Women don’t sell. I got five copies of GQ with Jennifer Garner in on Friday. I haven’t sold a single one.”


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