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Hot Rod

Never mind their baseball skills. Who’s the cuter Yankee—Jeter or Rodriguez?


Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter  

Kate White, editor, Cosmopolitan: “Cosmo staffers are split down the middle, but I’m partial to A-Rod. He’s got a fabulous body, and he feels fresh. I mean, he’s never dated Mariah Carey.”

Willa Ford, singer: “Definitely A-Rod, because he’s married and taken . . . Isn’t that how it always is?”

Horacio Silva, deputy men’s editor, New York Times Magazine: “Neither is a trouser-arouser, but if I had to choose, I think I’d rather pitch to Jeter.”

Warner Wolf, sportscaster, WCBS-TV: “The hottest player depends entirely on who has the highest batting average at that time.”

Sarah Silverman, comic: “The Jewier one.”

Robert Gant, actor, Queer As Folk: “I would so go on a date with either.”

Jillian Barberie, weather woman, Fox NFL Sunday: “Derek’s been out in the press too much. A-Rod’s sexier and more mysterious.”

John Anderson, anchor, ESPN’s SportsCenter: “Jeter. The man dated Miss Universe! A-Rod married a teacher, but she wasn’t Teacher of the Universe.”

Scott Van Pelt, anchor, ESPN’s SportsCenter: “Oscar Gamble ruined it for me—you really can’t get any hotter than that.”


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