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Bratton on Bratton

From Turnaround, the former police commissioner’s new autobiography


  • “Like Babe Ruth pointing his bat to the bleachers . . . I was confidently predicting the future.”

  • “I was finally Commissioner. Life was going to change and I was ready.”

  • “I enjoyed traffic duty. . . . I was in control.”

  • “After three weeks of cutting-edge police training . . . I was going to do everything right.”

  • “When my name was announced as executive superintendent, jaws dropped.”

  • “I don’t intend to be overwhelmed by them or this job, I intend to overwhelm them.”

  • “I like the excitement of moving large numbers of people into action.”

  • “I don’t see how you can move an organization forward quickly without capitalizing on your own persona and attracting attention.”

  • “If you were not part of Giuliani’s cultlike following, willing to drink Kool-Aid at a moment’s notice, you were suspect.”


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