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Mystical City


Karen Thorne

Park Avenue Predictions

Karen Thorne’s society clients include members of the DuPont, Johnson, Westinghouse, and Cabot families, and she does admit to meeting with Bill Clinton, whom she found “irresistible.” A few years ago on Martha’s Vineyard, she predicted that a pilot would crash his plane into the White House. She wrote down her prophecy and gave it to Clinton’s Secret Service agents. When that very thing happened, she got a nice, formal thank-you note.

Philosophy: “I concentrate on what a person’s true self is. If we operate from the point of truth, we cannot lose in any situation.”

What to expect: Thorne resembles an Upper West Side shrink more than a New Age shaman; she conducts readings in her West Village apartment, which is free of any clues to its double life as a psychic’s den. She also works out of her home in Boston and has several clients—from Hong Kong to Hollywood—who call her for phone sessions. Her abilities include seeing auras, predicting the future, and identifying lucky talismans. With a laptop, she checks out your astrological chart, using the time and date of your birth. She also uses a 300-year-old Russian crystal ball.


Cost: $175 per reading.

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