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Mystical City


Rae Ramsey

Talk to the Animals

Your dog may know how to sit on command, but Rae Ramsey believes you can have much deeper conversations with your pooch—she claims to have communicated with cats, swans, iguanas, birds, and even insects. Ramsey found her calling about ten years ago, when she trained with pet-communication innovator Penelope Smith. “I just started communicating with everyone’s animal,” she says. “I’d go out to lunch and people would pull out their pictures and I’d just do it.”

Philosophy: “To me, being a psychic is being able to read minds, and I don’t do that. I communicate using telepathy, which consists of an exchange of images.”

What to expect: Ramsey does most of her work over the phone—her own pets make it hard to do readings at her place. She will also communicate with an animal through photos. In person, she’s very Greenwich, Connecticut: a petite blonde who favors pink sweater sets. She begins with what appears to be a short meditation, in which she closes her eyes and explains she’s connecting with your pet. Ramsey then asks your pet questions, and gives its responses. Those responses can be vague—ask her to tell your dog not to chew on the furniture and she may respond by saying there’s no guarantee. “I’m not on a campaign to prove that it works,” Ramsey says. “I’ve had so many people tell me that this adds a depth to their experience with their animals . . . to find out things about them, about who they were before and what their concerns are, what their mission in life is.”


Cost: $100 per hour, billed in fifteen-minute increments. Minimum of 60 minutes for the first session.

Written by Amy Larocca, Vanessa Grigoriadis, Marc S. Malkin, Denise Penny, Deborah Schoeneman, and Rima Suqi.


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