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Mystical City


Maria Napoli

Fashionable Forecaster

If anyone can predict what you’ll be seeing on runways a year from now, it’s Maria Napoli, an astrologer with a subscription to WWD and a devoted following of 800 clients, including more than a few fashionistas (Isaac Mizrahi, Donna Karan). She’s been studying astrology here and in Europe for 25 years, and has a waiting list that stretches for miles.

Philosophy: “The universe has plans.”

What to expect: Although she reads the fashion people, she doesn’t emulate them. Her dark Upper West Side apartment is stuffed with crystals and Baroque furniture, and Napoli herself will probably be in slippers and a housedress. Her readings are 90 minutes long, and she just talks, the entire time, straight into a tape recorder. At the end, she gives her client the tape in order to review the glut of information. She doesn’t ask many questions and speaks with the absolute courage of her convictions: Expect a full exposition of your personality (water, fire, air), advice on how best to manage that personality, and an assurance that the universe is working on all of it.

Cost: $200 for the first session, $150 thereafter.

By referral only.

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