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Mystical City


Frank Andrews

Star Gazer

In the Cards: Frank Andrews was encouraged to be a psychic by the real Auntie Mame.  

Frank Andrews won’t name his current clients, but his list of those who have died gives a pretty good idea of the lives he’s advised: Princess Grace, Perry Ellis, John Lennon, and Frank Serpico. Originally trained as a mime, Andrews was encouraged to pursue his psychic abilities by Marion Tanner, reputed to be the “real” Auntie Mame. “She told me, ‘You have big eyes, you see things,’ ” he recalls. While women traditionally flocked to him with questions about love, the past two years have brought a demographic shift that surprises even the psychic himself: “I’ve gotten more bankers and lawyers.”

Philosophy: “If I hit on something, you gotta tell me—if you’re going to sit there and say nothing, then why waste your time or mine?”

What to expect: Readings take place in the parlor study, a room filled with Biedermeier furniture—from the custom cabinetry to the round burlwood table where he and his clients sit. There is almost no stereotypical psychic paraphernalia about, except for a Buddha-like statue that according to Andrews is a “young man seeking enlightenment, just like you and me.” Hanging out with Andrews is fun. While he’s slight in stature, he’s a big personality, talking quickly and getting excited when he “hits” on something.

261 Mulberry Street (212-226-2194)

Cost: $175 for a one-hour consultation that includes several tarot readings and a palm reading.

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