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Mystical City


Patricia Masters

Voice of Reason

Listening on High: Patricia Masters hears voices; she's clairaudiant.  

Patricia Masters, with her dancer’s posture and dramatic stage-whisper voice, is one of the city’s most discreet psychics, doing a lot of work she’s “not at liberty to discuss”—including, according to the psychic grapevine, helping to crack cases for the NYPD. She describes herself as “clairvoyant-clairaudiant,” which is to say that she not only sees things but hears voices. Before the session, she spends some time thinking about your name, so that by the time you arrive, she, and the voices, are ready. She believes that people inhibit themselves by limiting their imaginations to what is known; she considers it her mission to get them in touch with the unknown.

Philosophy: “I can show off, but that’s not the good stuff.”

What to expect: Masters is incredibly thorough. She’ll tell you everything about your career, health, and love life, then ask you for questions. She’ll close her eyes, turn her head, move her hand around in your general direction, and conduct brief conversations with her voices. “Oh, really? Hmmm. Interesting.” She’ll then face you, open her eyes, and make declarations. “They say your body does not like orange juice.” She does make predictions, and she offers very specific advice, particularly where nutrition is concerned. Here’s what not to expect: any explanation of who “they” might be.


Cost: Rates on request.

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