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Mystical City

Ann Johnson

The Good News on Love

A former Broadway actress with flowing gray hair, bloodred nails, and funky green glasses, Ann Johnson works out of the formal living room of a well-appointed apartment in a midtown doorman building. The two of you are all alone—except for her chihuahua. “Everybody is psychic,” she says, fingering the large gold pendant around her neck. “People just become blinded to it. I had this one woman who was desperately in love with someone who wasn’t in love with her. She kept on asking what she could do, and I told her nothing! That might not be the answer she wanted, but it’s the right answer.”

Philosophy: “I just feel what I see in your face, the depth in your eyes, and from there pick up your essence—I concentrate really hard, and it all comes at me.”

What to expect: Johnson begins by leading her visitors on a set of “energy-focusing meditations” (for example, you could be told to imagine your heart as a blob of turquoise jelly, or to envision covering yourself in white cloth), followed by a palm and tarot reading. But these are just “tools”—she’s really concentrating on “reading your face.” But don’t worry about the skeletons in your closet: “I don’t use anything negative, ever.”


Cost: Rates on request.