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Deb McBride

Scholarly Reading

Warm Welcome: Deb McBride works out of a chintz-filled Park Slope space.  

Deb McBride, with her rosy cheeks, friendly smile, and chintz-filled Park Slope walk-up, is probably the coziest astrologer in town. But she’s also one of the most academic: She’s the author of some of the practice’s more scholarly articles, and treats her craft like a true science. “There are certain things in an astrological chart that we carry with us our whole lives,” she says, “and I know when they’re going to get pinpointed time-wise based on what the planets are doing.”

Philosophy: “You tell me what’s going on, I tell you what’s going on, and then we try to meet in the middle and figure it all out. I just like people to know that if they feel like they’re going through the juicer, they’re not crazy. There are bigger forces at work here.”

What to expect: While McBride is a very by-the-books astrologer—not only does she spend a good deal of time with your chart before you arrive, but she frequently studies other charts during the reading in an attempt to identify patterns in your life—she recently completed a three-year course in counseling. It’s almost like talking with your favorite R.A. from your college dorm: gentle and wise.

445 11th Street, No. 3, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-832-3129)

Cost: Rates on request.

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